Racing History Project’s Tribute to IMSA, AutoFest 2017 & Tribute to Riverside

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The above photo is from early in our editor's short racing career

Our brave and fearless editor is a guy who likes to keep busy and who volunteers his free time working at a couple automotive pursuits. One is as member of the Board of Directors of the Motor Press Guild, a west coast group of professionals who work in the automotive industry. “MPG”, as it is known, is an organization that works to further automotive journalism and related fields of endeavor.

A full-time PR professional, he also volunteers some of his time and services with the Racing History Project, a non-profit group that puts on special events which bring participants and fans together to celebrate past motorsports events, people and places. There are a number of such events coming up in southern California at a great location, the Wally Parks NHRA Museum in Pomona, California; you may want to join him there (

Here’s three adventures in motor history for ya … Two are fairly pricey, but there’s a little wine, some great food, story-telling and racing heroes involved there and the other is (at least to attend) is free.

The Tribute events are all about what many of us think were the true glory days of motorsports; one “IMSA” is about a new wave of professional sports car racing in the United States that saw new racing heroes made in some of the most fiercely-contested racing ever.

The Racing History Project’s event “formula” (if you will) is to invite many of the people who were involved in the racing to come together with fans of the sport and the of the era. It only takes a few minutes for the interaction to begin, and from early-on the event is about the people. Sure, the talk begins about particular cars and specific races at specific tracks, but it always comes back to who was there, and who was there to tell the tale. That’s the April 1 event.

The same thing will happen on October 14th when a classic (I almost said “beloved”) racetrack is the touchstone for an event. They’ll actually auction off a small chunk of dirty looking asphalt off at the Riverside Raceway Tribute event. It’ll probably fetch a hundred dollars or more for charity, but even at that, the event is not about the track itself. Again, it’s about the hundreds (no thousands) of laps, the great races, boiling hot days, freezing cold days, turn 6, and the people who were there and part of that fabled place.

From Formula One to Off-Road, to Karts, to NHRA Championship Drag Racing, with SCCA amateur racing, USAC, NASCAR, and IndyCars all thrown in for good measure … the fact of the matter is that, for some mystic reason, Riverside Raceway still casts a long and captivation shadow for many of us. Maybe it’s just about the sheer width and breadth of racing styles … but the stories that we’ll tell and the stories that we’ll listen to are the draw. The good food and drink will be there as well, but the real show is most likely sitting across the table from you there.

And then, right in the middle (June 25th) we have the new AutoFest event which combines much of the above (OK, as we said earlier there’s no wine or a groaning table … however admission is free to the public) with the books, authors, model cars, toys, magazines, owners’ manuals, posters, paintings, photos and all manner of wonderful motoring collectibles and memorabilia with the people who love that sort of stuff and who have the stories about them. This gathering is of the faithful and full of fun and friends (new ones made on the spot, and old ones rekindled).

Each of these events is different, but the idea that the Racing History Project has behind all of them is the same: To celebrate and enjoy motorsports history with the people, places, and things that all make auto racing so much a part of our hearts and lives. Remember the early start on AutoFest! (and if you’re wanting info about having a space in the show:

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