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"I Started writing for car magazines in 1979. About two years before that, I joined John Retsek on The Car Show, a weekly radio show we think is the first of its kind in the US. I became Editor-at-Large of Motor Trend a few years later, had an editorial role at Sports Car Graphic, later was West Coast Editor of Popular Mechanics. I’ve lost track of the number of publications that I have written for, but it must run to over a hundred.

Before automotive writing, I (not necessarily in this order) owned a new car dealership (Saab and Peugeot), worked for the western Lotus distributor, ran an Alfa agency, sold or serviced VWs, Porsches, Mazdas, Chevys, BMWs, Simcas, Hillmans, Sunbeams, Renaults, Jaguars, Lancias, Fiats, Volvos, and a thing called the Tempo Matador. I drove a Borgward into a lake, moved to California in a Porsche 356, and drove a Saab 93 coast-to-coast and back.

I began racing just after the discovery of gasoline and have been an on-off member of the SCCA since 1957. I have raced a 500cc Berkeley, a 500bhp Cheetah and most everything in between. I ran Volvo Turbo station wagons in the Escort Endurance series, and a 5.0 Mustang police car in the Firehawk series.

I moved to California (from Ohio) to study Transportation Design at Art Center School, then in LA, now in Pasadena. I lasted about a year and after various academic adventures, got a Master’s Degree in Writing at the University of Oregon. I taught at Oregon, the University of Idaho, and Riverside Community College, then went back to cars, and finally, magazines." -- Len Frank, September 1, 1935 - June 28, 1996.


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