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We take Chevy’s new sedan to the ’Boo

AUTO REVIEW—The guy pulled up with our test Malibu and our first impression said “Oh yes, this will be a great drive!” Those ever-present television commercials are mostly correct. Chevrolet’s 2016 Malibu has strong outside lines with sleek, modern styling. Because we could, we took our Malibu to Malibu where it turned quite a few heads. Mistake it for a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi? Not likely. And there’s no need as Malibu’s longer, lower 2016 stance can stand on its own.

The base Lexus IS gets a major upgrade with the IS 200t

AUTO REVIEW—Near-luxury sedans are like suits. You buy them because you want to project a certain air of success, mainly to attract more success. After a week in the IS 200t F SPORT, I’m going to go out on a limb and call the IS 200t a refined and reasonably priced slim-fit suit. This is the car that says “I’m the rising star of this employee orientation! I’m going to enjoy eventually replacing you Boss Man, but for now you can trust me to pick up and impress the client.” Glenn Oyoung reports.

The stars line up for Subaru’s recall approach; VW’s doesn’t

BACK SEAT DRIVING—Subaru’s mass recall action (“do not drive, do not sell, we’ll come to your house to check your car, if we need to repair you’ll get a free loaner”) is refreshing, in the face of Volkswagen’s weak and patently improbable indication that its diesel debacle was the work of a few nefarious and unnamed rogue engineers located deep in the bowels of Wolfsburg who came up with the plan to cheat the emissions readings on millions of diesel-powered vehicles (that, in fact, were in gross violation of air quality emissions standards—and still are). Doug Stokes comments.

The Shelby GT350 Track Tour…
as a racer saw it

“The editor of LA Car invited me to attend and report on the Ford performance GT350 Track Tour at Buttonwillow Raceway in Kern County, and a place that’s generally not noted for its four star resorts. But the lure of (it’s really more like his lust for – Ed.) track time always overcomes my need for creature comforts.” Dave Wolin tells the story.

The Hot Wheels Urban Outlaw Collection

LA CAR REPORT—”Three years ago I stumbled across a YouTube video about a rocker with dreadlocks and an unrivaled obsession with vintage Porsche 911s. That was before the name Magnus Walker or Urban Outlaw really meant anything to me. All it took was one viewing of that documentary to be in awe of Walker’s passion, artistry, and his sincerity. Mattel has introduced a collection designed by Magnus Walker and the Hot Wheels design team, modeled after Walker’s very own Porsche collection. It includes a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Porsche 964, 1978 Porsche 935, and my personal favorite, two 1956 Porsche 365As.” Glenn Oyoung reports.

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