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Lexus GS 450h
Mid-Sized Sports Sedan, Oversized Luxury

Lexus GS 450h grille

AUTO REVIEW – Yours truly is headed up to Sacramento to serve as keynote speaker for a national driver safety conference. Obviously, the easy thing to do would be to hop a flight out of L.A. or Burbank and arrive in about an hour. However, my sense of adventure has gotten the better of me. I’m currently road testing a shiny new hybrid so, instead of taking to the sky, I’m hitting the road in a handsome 2017 Lexus GS450h.

GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD Crew Cab SLT with the All-Terrain X package

AUTO REVIEW—I walked out and there it was. OMG, it was like the sun was shining only on the truck, you know like you see in the movies where the ray of bright sunshine is streaming down on earth from heaven. Yeah, it was like that. My favorite color is black until a darker color comes along, and guess what? The GMC was black, with black wheels, black interior, black bumper, and even black tires ☺. I was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans with black socks and I have black hair. I was one with the truck! Tom Gomez reviews the GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD Crew Cab with the All-Terrain X package.

Pioneer. Leader. Father. Champion.

“I’m thinking that this film was more than simply a nostalgic tribute to a young racing driver who started a race car company and all about character, teamwork, respect, and deep friendship. Without that, motor racing is just a bunch of cars making a lot of noise going around in circles and ending up back at the same place an hour or so later (if they’re lucky).” Our editor reviews a racing film that’s about much more than cars.

Rick Lorenzen’s Price Automobilia collection

LA CAR REPORT—Time travel requires finding worm holes in the space-time continuum, having a thorough understanding of the quantum physics, attaining the ability to move faster than the speed of light, mastering transportation of particles and a plethora of other technical achievements which heretofore have not even been discovered, much less attempted. For those attending the June Motor Press Guild luncheon hosted by Mecum Auctions, the time travel required a short trip down the 710, and entering Rick Lorenzen’s Price Automobilia collection in Dominguez Hills. Words by Zoran Segina. Pictures by Albert Wong.


Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus tires

REVIEW—Needless to say, one of the most important safety features on your vehicle is the set of tires on which you ride. Weather conditions and road surfaces can vary greatly, and the tires you select for your vehicle have the task of getting you safely to your destination. Think about it – your tires are the only items on your car that operate continuously as you drive. You probably don’t listen to the radio at all times, nor do you use your heater or air conditioner daily. But your tires keep on turning, mile after mile, day after day. Reed Berry reports.

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