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Cars, Ships and the Pacific Ocean

… The variety of cars is worth the stroll in a perfectly military style laid-out paddock. From one-of-a-kind, such as Peter Giddings ex-Nuvolari 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza (if you squint long enough you can almost see Tazio in the cockpit holding the steering wheel) to more mundane Datsuns 240Z, 510 or Porsches 914s.

Lexus NX 200t F Sport

AUTO REVIEW—”No, our two dogs (Pickle and Olive) are very good pups, I can’t blame this on them. Besides that I’M listed as the editor on this site, so I have to chastise myself … I just flat lost my notes on this one. But the memories are still quite vibrant, so here’s a bit of a truncated review of a really terrific new Lexus sport model SUV: The Lexus NX 200t F Sport.” Story by Doug Stokes.

On the road to the Baja 1000

BACK SEAT DRIVING— I had occasion to drive to Phoenix this past Thursday. After my Phoenix business concluded, I turned my rented Transit van west and began the return drive home. Gasoline is nearly a dollar cheaper per gallon in Arizona, so a stop in Quartzite for topping off was in order. Across from my pump was one of the race truck teams. They said were going out to Parker for a weekend event. Part of what they were after was a shake down in preparation of the upcoming Baja 1000. The grey Ford racer stood proud on an open trailer. Story by Harold Osmer.

Brock Yates, 1933-2016

BACK SEAT DRIVING— Brock Yates—“The Assassin”, as he was nicknamed at one time (although I’ve often wondered if he didn’t really start that himself, just to get under the establishment’s skin a few millimeters deeper) has left the building. Most thought of him as brash, a larger-than-life provocateur who loved nothing more than skewering the establishment in print and in person every chance that he got. He was all of that. Doug Stokes reflects.

12th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show

LA CAR REPORT—“I look forward to the Japanese Classic Car Show every year. The quality of the cars, the inclusive vibe, and the postcard-like backdrop of the Long Beach shoreline and the iconic Queen Mary make JCCS a unique gem of a local car show. That’s saying something in SoCal, the land where neither cars nor coffee need to hibernate for the winter.” Story by Glenn Oyoung. Pictures by Glenn Oyoung and Albert Wong.

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