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RM Sotheby’s Auction at the Barker Hanger

EVENT— This isn’t Pebble Beach. Sure, Santa Monica has its share of the well-to-do, and coastal beauty, albeit mixed with contentious and escalating developments and urbanization. It also has a longtime love affair with motorcars and racing. So, the RM Sotheby’s Auction at the Barker Hanger on June 24th seemed to be everything Southern Californians could want without the hassle of going up to Monterey. Well, almost everything. John Grafman reports.

100 Years of Ford Trucks

BOOK REVIEW—Self-confessed Chevy man Tom Gomez reviews the new book, “Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks”, by renown automotive author Patrick Foster, and gives it two thumbs up. “Patrick has painstakingly researched the history of Henry Ford and his incredible accomplishments, pioneering not just the American automobile but the assembly line of manufacturing that is still in use today throughout the world.”

Life (and Love) in the Fast Lane of Racing and Marriage

LA CAR REPORT—Our resident motorsports artist Hector Cademartori and part-time spinner of romantic sagas here covers a 50th wedding anniversary of a couple who have been not only married for quite some time, but who have been involved in motorsports for an even longer time. And the names of some pretty well-known Formula 1 drivers are involved in this one …

2017 MPG “Droptops & Dirt”
Membership has its Priveleges

by Glenn Oyoung The Motor Press Guild (which, with “MPG” as its shorthand name wins the best organizational acronym ever) is based in Los Angeles and is the largest automotive media association in North America. MPG works with OEMs to organize driving events that are my hands-down favorite benefit of being a member. In one [...]

Toyota’s new Prius Prime

AUTO REVIEW—I’m listening to The Temptations sing “Beauty is Only Skin Deep” on the Toyota Prius Prime’s 10-speaker JBL premium sound system, and I can’t help think about the car I’m driving. This Prius Prime ain’t no beauty. The Prius has never been pretty, but with the new, fourth-generation model, Toyota really pushed the visual polarity index. The Prime is actually even more polarizing to look at. Fortunately, one can look beyond the superficial to find real beauty. Roy Nakano reports on the new Prius Prime.

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