And the Road to SEMA 2011

LA CAR REPORT—In Part Two of The Road to SEMA 2011, John Grafman continues to summon the spirit of one Andy Rooney: “The show opens for business, and Andy is still riding shotgun in my brain. Tuesday starts a whirlwind of activity. Both inside and outside are heavily congested with cars, displays, and attendees. I meander wherever my heart takes me, keeping an eye out for a clear aisle. In my mind I can hear Andy fearfully state that there is no way he is risking life and limb in the trenches of the South Hall…”

In a Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec

LA CAR REPORT— Realizing I’ve been to the SEMA show more times than I care to remember, or can count on both hands, I needed to take a different point of view on this annual foray into the Nevada desert. My perspective is obviously clouded by the years and smoke from tire burnouts. What’s called for is an out-of-body experience. In order to properly reflect on this requires putting myself in the shoes of someone unfamiliar with the pageantry and foolishness of this affair, someone who will question everything and everyone. My solution, I summon the spirit of… Andy Rooney.

Scenes from the Huntington Beach show

GALLERY—A few years back, Darryl Nance of D&P Classic Chevy was approached by Huntington Beach city officials about organizing a new car show. The beach already has one of the most beautiful backdrops for car shows in So Cal. Darryl and the show organizers picked Veteran’s Day weekend. After a successful event in 2010, the organizers followed it up with second on November 13, 2011. The weather was sparkling clear and the cars were there flocking the beach lots. LA Car was there to capture the moment on camera.

SEMA 2011
Some Photos That Didn’t Stay in Vegas

GALLERY—What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—unless it’s photos from the SEMA Show, also known as the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show. Editor John Grafman has a story to tell, but first we’ll show you a little bit of the action that took place at this not-open-to-the-public event that is the biggest automotive specialty products trade show in the world.

More Scenes

GALLERY—It’s hard to capture all of the Art Center Car Classic in one fell swoop. So here’s a second take—this time from the lens of Editor John Grafman. Art Center’s legendary Transportation Design alumni serve as a reminder that behind every beautifully designed car is a designer—and there were plenty of examples of beautiful designs. Here’s an encore showing of the Art Center automotive artwork.

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