ABC – A Bigger Camry
2018 Avalon Hybrid XLE Premium

AUTO REVIEW – I finally had the chance to evaluate the Avalon. Is it more than just a big Camry, does it have a value proposition in addition to size? Six years into the latest generation and the Avalon is about ready for a major update, which makes sense since the new Camry just bowed. That being said the minor updates for MY2016 — mostly revision of the front grille — help the Avalon still look relevant amongst the sedan market.

2018 Camry XSE Spices up the Sedan Market

AUTO REVIEW- For model year 2018, Toyota’s engineers and designers must have received a new memo with subject line: “Make it even BOLDER. Sincerely, the Boss.” One look at the latest Camry and it is abundantly clear the message was received.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum

AUTO REVIEW—Our 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid review vehicle is similar in most respects to earlier versions, which is a very good thing because Ford has produced a winner. Differences come via the newly offered Platinum Package that brings along a group of what we previously referred to as Options. Harold Osmer reports.

2018 Toyota C-HR XLE

AUTO REVIEW—Toyota’s latest entry into the sport-ute/crossover segment is the smallest, and least expensive member of the five-piece band of high-riding five-doors that range in price from an economical $22,500 to an “if you have to ask” $83,665. In ascending order of price, they are: This C-HR (standing for Coupe-High Rider – no, seriously), the RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, and the august Land Cruiser. Editor Doug Stokes spent a week in this one (and didn’t even miss the lack of coat hooks until day three).

A Ford Focus rewards you for green behavior

AUTO REVIEW—I’m looking at a duo of five-leaf plants on the dashboard of the 2017 Ford Focus SEL. They may resemble Cannabis Sativa genus, but they actually represent Anticipation and Speed in the Eco-Drive mode with more leaves the better. I lost two Anticipation leaves, but managed to keep all five Speed leaves. Page 175 of the 500-page manual (what is this, a spaceship!) explains that Anticipation shows how well I anticipate stopping in traffic, not engaging in over-acceleration and so on. Zoran Segina reports.

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