It’s even better the second time around

AUTO SHOW— Well, on your behalf, dear reader, I went back to the Classic Auto Show on Saturday. It was a quick visit as I was just heading into the hockey arena next door for NHL All-Star action. But I realized that in my story of yesterday, I was both so, so right about the show, and so, so wrong. The right: I told you about much of what’s there and how urgently I thought you should go and see it for yourself. The quality of the cars, the overwhelming number of them, and the size and scope of the show. But I was wrong to even think that one could take all of this in in one day.

It’s love at first sight

AUTO SHOW—What did you ever dream about that, when you got it, turned out to be not so great? Toys, in my childhood, were advertised differently than they are today. They were shown doing things that couldn’t really happen, except in a kid’s imagination. Sometimes life’s like that in adulthood too. But not this weekend in LA. The Classic Auto Show is everything you’re hoping for, and more. Brian Kennedy reports.

Preview of the inaugural Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles

AUTO SHOW— This weekend will feature a milestone in Southern California car culture as the classic vehicle set takes over the entire Los Angeles Convention Center for a first ever multimedia event. In addition to a plethora of fully-restored beauties (collectively valued at over $137 Million), the show will include a unique Celebrity Theater that features some of Velocity Network’s biggest automotive stars, an auto ‘swap meet’, and a full variety of family-friend activities. The highlight of the show, however, is expected to be the Grand Boulevard – a catwalk of some of the most remarkable and beautiful automobiles ever made.

The Classic Auto Show is coming

AUTO SHOW—Those who have read my LA Auto Show coverage over the years know that I have one wish every year: When I walk into the LA Convention Center, it will be full of classic cars—the auto show of my dreams. Someone’s made it happen. It’s called The Classic Auto Show, and it’s coming to town during the weekend of January 27-29th. Brian Kennedy reports.

New Auto Show In Town …

This is a new show that sounds great from here, as we all know the word “Classic” encompasses and covers a VERY wide range of ideas automotive. From here, I’d say that if the promoters can carry off 70% of what’s promised it’ll be well worth the effort. We’ll be attending and really would like to hear back from you if you go