The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning

strong>BOOK REVIEW—This is a book about what it really takes to be a successful racing driver in the era of modern technology. A firm right foot and and a disregard for consequences are evidently not not enough anymore. Author Neil Roberts is a racing design engineer and (by all accounts) a pretty damn fair SCCA open wheel racer. Doug Stokes reviews the book.

DreamWave Survivor car battery starter, Bluetooth speaker and LED flashlight

REVIEW—You say your neighborhood looks like a scene straight out of “The Walking Dead”? Moreover, you drive around in a beater with a questionable battery life? And so do your neighbors? We’ve got just the product for you. Zombie fighter Bill Wright reports.

The Movie Review

REVIEW—Bond is back, and in a big way. SPECTRE is the most expensive 007 movie made to date, and possibly the priciest movie of any kind, ever! As the prior Bond effort, Skyfall, did pull in over $1.1 Billion a certain amount of budget latitude for SPECTRE seems appropriate. The good news is, you see virtually each dime spent up on the big screen. As in other episodes of the Bond franchise, tempting global locations beckon us, and special effects are riveting. And, most of SPECTRE has a life-like quality to it. This is high-art.

12 Months of Can Am Legends

It was a time of unlimited sports car racing when racing drivers from every discipline and from around the world convened on the toughest tracks in North America to race. It was a time of heroes and legends … it was the Can-Am and Pete Lyons was there with camera and notepad.

Pirelli vs Yokohama vs Bridgestone

REVIEW—The world of tires is a bit like the latest, trendy beverage. There’s a whole lot of hype, and you don’t really know what you’re going to get until it’s too late. We gathered a set of three curiously interesting tires. Pirelli came to play with the P-Zero Run Flat tires. Yokohama is touting its new Advan Neova AD08 R. The final player is Bridgestone with the RE-11. After conducting a direct back-to-back comparison of the products, here are the results and our real world driving observations. To keep this as fair as possible, we use the supremely competent installation of CEC Wheels in Los Angeles.

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