The Bothwell Collection Auction


LA CAR REPORT—Lindley and Ann Bothwell’s extraordinary collection of classic trains, cars, and motoring memorabilia was auctioned off on at the working orange grove in the San Fernando Valley in early November. Harold Osmer was there to catch some of the vibe of these amazing cars and other items that went on the block. This sort of event is where value has a closed door meeting with with one’s heart—there were some wonderful cars and other items up for action. Let’s see if Harold scratched himself and laid down a half-million dollar bid a Miller, or waved across the room at a friend and bought himself an actual life-sized railroad train.

STOP ME IF YOU’VE INSTALLED THIS ONE… (With an added commentary on automated common sense)


But the rear brakes … the standard-issue rear drum brakes were tiny, faded flat black bottle caps, so small and spindly that you could just barely make them out hiding behind the Fiesta’s spiffy alloy 5-spoke wheels. My rear brakes were in a word: murky, miniscule, featureless, and (the worst sin of all for a fun runabout) dull … Editor Stokes adds a bit more slowdown to his ride.

Petersen Museum opens Lowrider Art Exhibit

LA CAR REPORT—I recently had the privilege to visit the new Lowrider exhibit, “The High Art of Riding Low” at the world renown Petersen Automotive Museum. The exhibit will run until June 3 2018, so we encourage all car enthusiast to go visit while you can. You really don’t have to be a lowrider or even a car enthusiast to enjoy this exhibit. Yes it’s car oriented but it’s about culture and art and cars just happen to be the medium for it. Tom Gomez reports.

20-20 HINDSIGHT in Retrospect: 20 Years of L.A. Cars

LA CAR REPORT—This compendium of short pieces was assigned to a number of our staff writers with the idea of them each taking a year back to LACar’s inception year of 1997 and coming up with the car that would have been the very best, most fun, most practicable, most probable, car to have been brought out in that year, for use in Los Angeles and its environs. Sly, subjective, subversive, and silly (with maybe a little hint of all four), here’s 20 years of cars written by our highly-tuned staff writers who were given 150 words each to reach back and talk about a good one for L.A.

from LA Car’s first two decades

LA CAR REPORT—LA Car Day with Jay Leno. The article that caused the President of Pasadena City College to change her campus-issued vehicle. The MPG Lifetime Achievement Award for our Editor. LACAR, the porn site? “This car got me laid.” Making the 6:00 p.m. network news on channels 2, 4 and 7. There are many memorable moments in LA Car’s first two decades. Here are ten of them.

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