The making of Hector Cademartori’s 20th Anniversary Champions poster

LA CAR REPORT—Every year, for the past 19 years, motorsports artist and LA Car Contributing Editor Hector Cademartori has done a collage with the winners of their major races for California’s Auto Club Speedway. For its 20th anniversary, Auto Club Speedway has commissioned Hector to put together a poster of all the winners—and the Speedway has documented its creation in a video. Doug Stokes reports.

Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe

LA CAR REPORT— Not long ago, Reed Berry had an opportunity to meet Doug Herbert, NHRA Top Fuel driver and founder of B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe), a driver safety program designed for young drivers. Doug saw the need for a course that taught teens and their parents the importance of safe, responsible driving. Reed Berry reports.

The Car and Civil Rights

LA CAR REPORT—”The coming of the cheap automobile has meant for Southern Negroes, who can afford one, a partial emancipation from Jim Crowism.” That’s Petersen Education Coordinator Jason Hartwig quoting Gunnar Myrdal back in 1944, at the Museum’s inaugural Explorations series. Surrounded by the Mullin Family Grand Salon’s collection of Bugattis, Hartwig gave a presentation unlike any that one expects from a car museum. “The Car and Civil Rights” presentation ran the automotive gamut.


LA CAR REPORT—When I was a child, old people (which, to me at that time was anyone over 30) used to say that the older you get, the faster the years pass. Well, they were right. 2016 has flown by and 2017 is upon us. Get used to saying “President Trump” and, as California drivers, be prepared to obey some new traffic laws. All laws take effect January 1, 2017 unless otherwise noted. Reed “The Traffic Guy” Berry reports.

Places and things pretty unique to LA

LA CAR REPORT—Car clubs must have been invented right here in L.A. The “Sidewinders” of Glendale and the “Trompers” right next door in Eagle Rock, the “Iron Charros” downtown, the “Pharaohs”, the “Throttlers”, the “Road Kings” in the Valley(s). Those classic clubs and a hundred others, all got started because of some affinity in automobiles that was more than just a way to get from point A to point B (in this case the Beach) without wasting a lot of time in the city. A Dave Wolin story.