Tom Gomez covers the low and slow, as well as the tall and mighty

Contributing Editor Tom Gomez

LA CAR REPORT—LA Car welcomes Tom Gomez to Car Culture Ground Zero. Tom was part of the group that started LOWRIDER magazine (check out his review of the LOWRIDERS movie for LA Car). More recently, he’s known for his truck magazine articles. His repertoire of writings, however, runs the entire automotive gamut, making him a perfect fit for LA Car. Welcome, Tom!

Effort and Espionage

EVENT— Stuff they don’t report on when you watch a NASCAR race. That’s the topic here, because when you see the races on TV, believe me, you get only about seven percent (a stat I made up) of the real story. Here are two lines that could have been played out much more in the coverage, and they both involve bodywork. Story by Brian Kennedy.


EVENT— The stands were more full than last year. The stars were more plentiful than in the past. NASCAR seemed to be back this year at Fontana. Stage racing, which has been the topic of discussion for fans since the year began (and for LA Car via my story on Saturday’s XFINITY race) sapped some of that. But the race at Auto Club Speedway was still well worth the effort. Here are the storylines. Story by Brian Kennedy; pictures by Gabriela Moya.

The XFINITY Race: Stage They’re Going Through

LA CAR REPORT—NASCAR is one-hundred times better live. Period. The speed. The quickness of one car closing up to another. The smoke, the noise, the ways the cars crash over bumps in the track, especially at Auto Club Speedway—all of it is multiplied when you’re there. But in case you didn’t get there this weekend for the two races (300 miles Saturday and 400 Sunday—still in the future as I write this), here are some of the things you missed. Story by Brian Kennedy; pictures by Gabriela Moya.

The making of Hector Cademartori’s 20th Anniversary Champions poster

LA CAR REPORT—Every year, for the past 19 years, motorsports artist and LA Car Contributing Editor Hector Cademartori has done a collage with the winners of their major races for California’s Auto Club Speedway. For its 20th anniversary, Auto Club Speedway has commissioned Hector to put together a poster of all the winners—and the Speedway has documented its creation in a video. Doug Stokes reports.

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