Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic Edition 1 Coupe

AUTO REVIEW—Have you noticed that Mercedes-Benz has been turning out one incredibly stylish car after another? It’s no secret that they have some of the most talented designers in its design team. They are the Stylistics of Stuttgart. And the latest vehicle to receive the signature of the Stuttgart stylists is the new Mercedes-Benz 4Matic Edition 1 Coupe. Reviewer Harvey Schwartz just has four words: Betcha, By Golly, Wow.

About Its New Editor

LA CAR REPORT—Doug Stokes once served as a library cop, going door-to-door, asking library patrons if they would kindly return their overdue copy of Call of the Wild or The Complete Book of Sailor Knots. The job gave him a heightened knowledge of every community and street in the region. Little did he know that it would help prepare him in his latest venture: taking over the editorial reins of LA Car—the publication clearinghouse of Los Angeles and its car culture.

To Do Before They Die

BOOK REVIEW— FIRST: The 101st recommendation is to get your hands on this brisk and upbeat list of essential automotive adventures. SECOND: Don’t even THINK about dying before you do author Jason Fogelson’s 100 recommendations. This is a collection of essential car nut destinations, distractions, and other pretty damn delightful places to see and (much) more importantly, to participate in. Doug Stokes reviews.

Steve McQueen, Anime Style

BOOK REVIEW—He’s an icon, a sex symbol, an idol, a movie producer, a rags-to-riches personal success story, a great racing talent on motorcycles and in cars, and one of Hollywood’s most-revered stars of all time. And now a his life has been neatly condensed into an 87-page “graphic novel” that’s the printed and paginated monochrome version of what I think one must see when their life flashes before their eyes just before the final checkered flag (or however you want to euphemize death) is waved.

At Irwindale Speedway!

EVENT—On Saturday, August 29th, it’s LA Car Night at Irwindale Speedway—an evening of NASCAR Whelen All American Series racers, Hollywood Bandoleros, Legend Cars, South West Tour Trucks, and more at the Southland’s own half track. The first 500 LA Car fans can get a voucher for free passes (for themselves and their guest). Get the voucher from, and turn it in for hard tickets at the ticket window.

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