Volkswagen’s Tiguan R-Line

AUTO REVIEW—Leave it to Volkswagen to name its compact crossover after a cross between a tiger and an iguana. With other companies succumbing to safe, alpha-numeric designations, VW gives us Touareg, Routan, and of course Tiguan. Editor-at-Large Zoran J. Segina reports on the latest version of the felineus lizard from Wolfsburg—the R-Line.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

AUTO REVIEW—When Barry Newman took delivery of that ‘Seventies Dodge Challenger in the movie “Vanishing Point,” it forever cemented the car as an American icon. Forty-five years later, the 2015 Dodge Challenger remains truest to the original pony cars of the muscle car era (four-wheel independent suspension, dual overhead cams and variable valve timing, notwithstanding). Harvey Schwartz reports on the new Challenger.

Barn Finds You Wish You’d Discovered

BOOK REVIEW—Tom Cotter’s SIXTH book of barn-finds is just as vexing as the five that preceded it. “50 Shades of Rust” is another Cotter volume that regales with 94 short stories of the unearthing of some of the most interesting, delectable, desirable vehicles in some of the most unlikely of places. And that entertains and pisses me off at the same time. Why does this guy find the damn Lang Cooper? I know that Bill Warner actually found it in a junkyard, but Cotter gets to write about it and rub it in my face. Oops, I’m taking this a bit too personal, I guess. Deep breath.

Grand Prix, Baja, Rockford Files & More

BOOK REVIEW—I only met James Garner one time. Like millions of others who never even had that brief opportunity, I’ve always somehow felt that I knew this handsome, soft-spoken movie star. The fact that we all knew how much he really enjoyed automobiles in general and racing in particular along with the persona that he often portrayed on film, all added up to what seemed almost like a personal friendship with the guy. This is a guy who loved cars and the people who are part and parcel of a very well-lived motoring life.

Scenes from the Lane Motor Museum

GALLERY— It’s the largest collection of European cars in North America, housed in a 132,000 square foot facility that once housed the Sunbeam Bakery—one of the largest bakeries in the area. It’s the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to its vast collection, the Lane has an enormous amount of character. Established in 2002 by Jeff Lane, the museum sports an unforgettable collection of Czechoslovakian Tatras, and other examples of the strange and beautiful.

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