RM Sotheby’s Auction at the Barker Hanger

EVENT— This isn’t Pebble Beach. Sure, Santa Monica has its share of the well-to-do, and coastal beauty, albeit mixed with contentious and escalating developments and urbanization. It also has a longtime love affair with motorcars and racing. So, the RM Sotheby’s Auction at the Barker Hanger on June 24th seemed to be everything Southern Californians could want without the hassle of going up to Monterey. Well, almost everything. John Grafman reports.

2017 MPG “Droptops & Dirt”
Membership has its Priveleges

by Glenn Oyoung The Motor Press Guild (which, with “MPG” as its shorthand name wins the best organizational acronym ever) is based in Los Angeles and is the largest automotive media association in North America. MPG works with OEMs to organize driving events that are my hands-down favorite benefit of being a member. In one [...]

Only in L.A. And what could be better? Fine food, great drink and delicious cars at CBS


Honestly, what could be better (and more “LA Car”) than hanging around a big old Hollywood (okay, Studio City, which is adjacent to Hollywood) backlot (where they shot “The Wild Wild West”!) looking at all kinds of crazy, classic, and otherwise v. cool cars, telling tales of automotive derring-do to any and all, and being begged to sample savory food strong drink from a whole bunch of LA’s best dining establishments? Our tall, lanky guest reporter, and man of a thousand projects, Dave Wolin gives us a look and a taste.

LA’s own automotive festivus for the rest of us, Sunday, June 25th

EVENT—Originally called the “Literature Faire”, AutoFest2017 carries on a decades-old annual LA tradition that mixes an amazing array of automotive memorabilia into one magic morning in June when memories are stirred, old friends meet, treasures are found, and automobiles in all their variations are celebrated, (and where some of us find copies of the Road & Track magazines that our Moms threw out when we were in college). Like Brigadoon, (or more “LA” perhaps a LudoBites pop-up), AutoFest is real for only one day of the year. Editor Stokes invites LA Car readers to an event that they’ll doubtless feel very comfortable attending.

Or how creating the 20th anniversary poster landed me a pass to the best seat in the house


Motorsports artist Hector Cademartori has been commissioned by Auto Club Speedway to design and paint many of the official NASCAR and IndyCar event posters and other projects for some 15 years now… This time his work led to a seat in the ACS President’s Suite for the race.

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