Lowrider culture meets the big screen

From the film Lowriders (image courtesy of BH Tilt and Universal Pictures)

REVIEW—I had the privilege of being invited to the screening of the new car culture movie, LOWRIDERS, directed by Ricardo de Montreuil. I might be a little biased on this movie because I spent many years as a contributing editor and photographer for LOWRIDER MAGAZINE, and was involved in covering Lowrider shows all across the country. I saw a lot of real life events that are replicated in this movie. Tom Gomez reviews the movie.

Road Racing on the 17-Mile Drive

Dave Wolin tells about this fast-paced documentary, produced by one of the “K’s”, Rick Knoop and directed by the other “K”, Dean Kirkland, accurately portrays one of the iconic events of the early days of California motor racing, the legendary Pebble Beach Road races..

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