STOP ME IF YOU’VE INSTALLED THIS ONE… (With an added commentary on automated common sense)

But the rear brakes … the standard-issue rear drum brakes were tiny, faded flat black bottle caps, so small and spindly that you could just barely make them out hiding behind the Fiesta’s spiffy alloy 5-spoke wheels. My rear brakes were in a word: murky, miniscule, featureless, and (the worst sin of all for a fun runabout) dull … Editor Stokes adds a bit more slowdown to his ride.

Hands-on automotive workshops for women at El Camino College

EVENT—’Girls in the Garage’ is a series of free hands-on automotive workshops for women held about once a month at El Camino College in the South Bay. The workshops were created in 2010 by auto collision repair instructor Pati Fairchild to help women feel more confident around cars, and to encourage them to enroll in automotive classes that lead to a college degree and a lucrative career.

The Vaunted American V-8 and the Dawn of the Muscle Car Age

Here, LA Car contributor Steve Ford, the REAL “Car Guy” (he owns the trademark), starts off on a rather low note by asking the reader: ” How much excitement can there be in reviewing a book that’s perhaps only incrementally less compelling than reading an excellent factory shop manual?” How much indeed! As it turns out the book (and Steve’s evaluation of it) is what gearheads call, “nuts on…” meaning full of good information that has fun exploring the roots of horsepower in one of the great engine eras of out time.

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