Scenes from the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

GALLERY—People flock to the scenic Monterey Peninsula from all over the world to see some of the most historically prominent automobiles in the world gathered for Monterey Classic Car Week. The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion is the only event during the week where vintage race cars do what they were originally designed to do – race! LA Car’s Albert Wong was there to visually capture this automotive Monterey pop festival in all its glory.

Concept Cars from the Concours d’Elegance

GALLERY—In tandem with the competition between extraordinary historic automobiles, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is also host to some of the world’s most anticipated concept cars and new car debuts each year. The 67th Concours was no exception. Albert Wong certainly thought so, and shares his thoughts in these visual vignettes.

Scenes from the Concours d’Elegance

GALLERY—Originally a small social event paired with a road race through the pine and cypress forests of Pebble Beach, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Pebble Beach Automotive Week have grown into the top-ranking collector car competition in the world. The Concours is not a contest of speed, but of elegance. Automobiles and motorcycles are judged for their historical accuracy, their technical merit and their style—and the best garner reward and recognition. LA Car ace photographer Albert Wong was there to visually capture the prize winners at the Concours.

RM Sotheby’s Auction at the Barker Hanger

EVENT— This isn’t Pebble Beach. Sure, Santa Monica has its share of the well-to-do, and coastal beauty, albeit mixed with contentious and escalating developments and urbanization. It also has a longtime love affair with motorcars and racing. So, the RM Sotheby’s Auction at the Barker Hanger on June 24th seemed to be everything Southern Californians could want without the hassle of going up to Monterey. Well, almost everything. John Grafman reports.

2017 MPG “Droptops & Dirt”
Membership has its Priveleges

by Glenn Oyoung The Motor Press Guild (which, with “MPG” as its shorthand name wins the best organizational acronym ever) is based in Los Angeles and is the largest automotive media association in North America. MPG works with OEMs to organize driving events that are my hands-down favorite benefit of being a member. In one [...]

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