AutoNOmobility 2017
The LA Auto Show Reimagined as a Hipster/Tech Haven

BACK SEAT DRIVING—This year, AutoMobilityLA, the event I called a brightly-lit rabbit hole last time around, is planning to step it up with a race to “Design and Develop L.A. into a Smarter City”. Like the GM Styling Contests of old, this is a competition among futurists for a complete retool, a clean sheet world where all of the present problems are somehow swept aside and a 15-level motor highway interchange magically appears just where it was needed most. So, the idea here is to present a smarter city, not a better city, not a friendlier city, not a more accommodating city, but a city that is somehow “smarter”. Editor Doug Stokes opines.

STOP ME IF YOU’VE INSTALLED THIS ONE… (With an added commentary on automated common sense)

But the rear brakes … the standard-issue rear drum brakes were tiny, faded flat black bottle caps, so small and spindly that you could just barely make them out hiding behind the Fiesta’s spiffy alloy 5-spoke wheels. My rear brakes were in a word: murky, miniscule, featureless, and (the worst sin of all for a fun runabout) dull … Editor Stokes adds a bit more slowdown to his ride.

The Shelby GT350 Mustang Lives!

From the Original Venice Crew’s website: “In 1964 Shelby American started with a “K Code” 65 Mustang 2+2 and converted Ford Motor Company’s mild mannered Mustang into a heart pounding, fire breathing racer that dominated road race circuits all over America.” Editor Stokes was invited to the little coming out party that the Shelby folks threw recently for the latest iteration of the indelible, indefatigable Shelby Mustang … half a century after the first ones blew an equal number of minds and track records … here’s his personal take on this powerful pony …

An Open Letter to the Industry

BACK SEAT DRIVING—The ad that stunned us was a Mercedes-Benz commercial which shows a number of growling drag racing vehicles pulling up to race against a new model Mercedes. The machines line up curb-to-curb on what looks like a city street, a pedestrian runs across the screen, a bleeped sobriquet is uttered by the unseen announcer, traffic light goes green… Editor Stokes asks why car manufacturers seem to need to pimp their products by showing them street racing.

McLaren’s exotic 570GT sports car takes drive for Parkinson’s

McLaren teams more than just cars and camaraderie by providing its exotic 570GT sports car entry in the inaugural Drive Toward a Cure lifestyle/charity rally April 28-30 to CEO Carrolee Barlow of the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center. The weekend event raises funds for Parkinson’s disease and will include two simultaneous rallies meeting in Paso Robles, California #2drives1cause