A few months ago, I wrote about being in a Buick Enclave briefly and the occupants commenting that “it wasn’t bad, for a GM product.” Having had the opportunity to spend more time with the vehicle, I can report that my previous comment sold the Enclave short. When one is in need of a large vehicle, seating for up to seven people, with generous room for luggage, the Enclave is far beyond “not bad”. It is, in fact, a helluva car…


BACK SEAT DRIVING – “Paris has played a significant role in Bentley’s history and is set to do so again with the new Continental GT making its official public debut at the prestigious Mondial de l’Automobile.” Usually, I would have given this press release about as much notice as I do all the others that one is bombarded with in the run-up to a major auto show (Paris). I scrolled down to see what the MSRP would be, and there, right between the Euro and the Yen was a price quoted in Renminbi. The initial question is, “how many units does Bentley expect to sell in China?


After an eight-year hiatus, it appears that the all-new 2010 Chevy Camaro is a hit with muscle car enthusiasts. In its first year out, the Camaro is outselling the new 2010 Ford Mustang by a good margin. To keep the momentum going Chevy has introduced a Synergy Green Metallic special edition model that should keep more enthusiasts happy. this car is well-designed and engineered, fun and easy to drive, fuel efficient, very modestly priced for all the goodies you get. Would you believe only $26,210.00, as tested, for our Synergy Green model?


BACK SEAT DRIVING – According to a survey of 20 major metropolitan cities in the United States, two California cities rank highest for drivers with alcohol-related driving violations. San Diego and San Jose captured the top spots, respectively. The survey analyzes information reported by users seeking car insurance quotes over the last three years. While factors such as proximity to colleges or nightlife can play a role in a city’s level of alcohol-related driving violations, stringent enforcement also played a key role in determining a city’s rank among the list of 20…


AUTO REVIEW – Like a Who rock opera, the Subaru Tribeca can’t make up its mind if it’s an SUV, a wagon, a minivan or a magic bus. With enough room to carry all the original members of that band and their mates, the Tribeca’s power delivery to all four wheels insures that this pop star can climb to the top of the charts, scale the hills, breeze through a tropical storm, and be ready to pick up the youngsters at school.

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