Prius cleaner than electrics in 36 states

HOTWIRE— Depending on where you live, generating the electricity to charge an electric car can produce more greenhouse-gas pollution than driving a fuel-efficient gasoline-powered car. According to a new report by Climate Central, the hybrid electric Toyota Prius produces less greenhouse-gas pollution than the all-electric Nissan Leaf in 36 states, because when you plug in a Leaf to recharge in those states, you are tapping into electricity generated largely by burning coal and natural gas.

4th Annual Concorso Ferrari and…

EVENT—The Ferrari Club of America – Southwest Region (FCA-SW) will be hosting not one, but two showings this year. The regional club’s annual Concorso Ferrari event will be held for the 4th consecutive year in Old Pasadena on May 6th, and later this fall, FCA-SW’s International Meet will span five days in Palm Springs, October 10-14, 2012. Both events are open to Ferrari owners and fans of the Prancing Horse and each will showcase a minimum of 150 vintage and modern Ferrari vehicles.

What’s wrong with petroleum consumption?

BACK SEAT DRIVING—In LA Car’s Jagged Little Pill, MIT economist Christopher Knittel says subsidies for hybrids and electrics, raising fuel economy standards, and biofuels are a waste of money. His solution to lowering our dependence on petroleum is to raise the price of gas. Automotive historian Harold Osmer has a slightly differing point of view: What’s wrong with petroleum consumption?

Swallowing the gas consumption truth?

BACK SEAT DRIVING—Policymakers debate ways to reduce petroleum consumption, but their proposals—more federal subsidies for hybrids and electrics, raising fuel economy standards, and raising the production of biofuels—are “mostly a waste of money,” says Christopher Knittel, an economist at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Knittel wants us to swallow the jagged little pill of truth, which is why he’ll never be able to run for office. In Jagged Little Pill 2, automotive historian Harold Osmer has a differing view: What’s wrong with petroleum consumption?

OEM versus the Aftermarket

REVIEW—Can we upgrade or find great value for the money beyond OEM brakes and still maintain the quality? We take a look at StopTech and Centric for the answer. The top dog in the StopTech portfolio is the Big Brake Kit. However, as we are looking at brakes for a MINI Cooper, it really would be overkill. We opt for StopTech’s SportStop cross-drilled rotors, StopTech street pads, and turn to Specialty Car Craft (SCC) in Los Angeles for the install. John Grafman reports.

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