Chevelles, El Caminos convene at Legends

GALLERY—The Golden West Chevelle and El Camino Club says it’s the most laid back car club serving Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. We’re not sure how you can be that laid back and manage to pull off a well-organized show for 16 straight years. Yet, that’s what they did over at Legends Classic Diner on Route 66 in Glendora. LA Car was there to capture a decidedly analog moment for our digital world.

Living in the electric car world

LA CAR REPORT—When Bob Dylan performed an electric version of “Maggie’s Farm” at the Newport Folk Festival on July 25, 1965, the reception was anything but warm. The public reception to electric cars has some interesting parallels to that day. Having lived with a Chevrolet Volt in its fleet since October, we can report that life is just a little different with electric propulsion. We convert to a 240 volt outlet and install a second meter.

Holman Moody’s 2014 TdF Mustang

HOT WIRE—When one hears the name Holman Moody, images of high performance Falcons, Galaxies, Cobras, Thunderbirds and Ford GT40s come to mind. While the name has been associated with a multitude of race vehicles, it’s never been attached to any production model—until now. Late last year, Holman & Moody announced that it would build a street legal high performance version of the Mustang to coincide with its 50th anniversary in 2014. Well, production of that vehicle has begun.

2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum 4X4

AUTO REVIEW—As one of the pioneering examples of sport utility vehicles, the Nissan Pathfinder started life as a truck platform-based SUV. The second-generation Pathfinder went with a unibody design, but the third generation returned to its truck-based roots. For 2013 (dubbed the R52), Nissan veered off the beaten path again and went for a car-based platform. Editor-at-large Zoran Segina reports

Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show

GALLERY—It’s been a year since the departure of automotive legend Carroll Shelby. The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club (LASAAC) decided it was time to hold the first annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show. The one day event took place at the Carroll Shelby Foundation Headquarters in Gardena, California, and LA Car’s Zoran Segina was there to capture the moment on his single-lens reflex.

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