Women like men in black Ford pickups

HOT WIRE—Women believe that attractive men drive black Ford pickup trucks. That’s according to a survey conducted by The fact that black Ford pickups are the vehicle of choice of the Mexican drug cartels is purely coincidental. What do the least attractive men drive? Mail trucks, evidently (sorry, postal carriers). The same survey says men believe attractive women drive red BMW sports cars, while unattractive women drive green minivans.

brave the polar vortex for the 2014 NAIAS

AUTO SHOW—Detroit was in a polar vortex, but that didn’t stop the automotive aficionados from going to the most important show of the western hemisphere—The 2014 North American American International Auto Show. These were not mere grease monkeys, these were arctic monkeys—engine engineers, car crafters, exhibiters, exhibitionists, and journeying journalists—braving the snow, sleet, wind, and freezing temperatures for a glimpse into the future. We turned to our NAIAS correspondents. While the weather may faze most, for Motown Merlo and Detroit Dapoz, it’s just another fine day in the land of Lions and Tigers.

2014 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Double Cab

AUTO REVIEW—Please excuse the political incorrectness, but this is a manly truck. Go to GMC’s website and “build” a Sierra and you’ll see what we mean. The available accessories and options paint a picture of mud-drenched back-country roads and working conditions with temperatures well below zero and head-high piles of snow. The way GMC chooses to present these options makes the city-slicker yearn for a new harsher life.

Reality TV invades the So Cal car culture

HOT WIRE—Billy Derian and Steve Reck have been friends for years with the same dream – working in a garage that fixes up and restores vintage cars and hot rods. Now their dream has become a reality with Da Rod Shop, located in the heart of Southern California’s car culture. RODS N WHEELS is a new Discovery Channel series.

24 views of the Toyota FT-1

GALLERY—Our report on the Detroit show, otherwise known as the North American International Auto Show, looms. In the meantime, we want to showcase 24 perspectives on the new Toyota FT-1 concept that just debuted. If you think Toyota is all about conservative styling, be prepared to have your notions blown away. Some are calling this a three-handkerchief design: arguable the best design to come out of Toyota since the 1967 2000GT and one to bring tears to your eyes.

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