MAVTV 500 2014
Round by Round

LA CAR REPORT—“The race tonight, starting in the back there, we just slowly picked people off. We’d get people on the out lap and getting good air, but there was a point in the race where I thought I really had to go for it, from about 6th or 7th. I passed Munoz and thought that it was really time to get myself well in the top five. On the restart, I got to lead a lap, and I thought not to go backwards. To win the championship is 15 years of hard work for me.”

MAVTV 500 2014
The Gunslingers

LA CAR REPORT— By the end of qualifying at the 2014 MAVTV 500 in Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway, Helio Castroneves had put as much pressure as he could on his championship rival, Will Power, by seizing pole. Power qualified 21st, or, in another manner of speaking, second to last, with only rookie Carlos Huertas behind him.

MAVTV 500 2014
Fontana on a Friday

LA CAR REPORT—Two things were on everyone’s mind Friday afternoon at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana: the grip of the track, which was nil on the hot asphalt with the sun high and the air temps running around 98 degrees, and the dirt which flies around, making it difficult to see and demanding that the drivers wear a large number of visor tear-offs to cope come racetime Saturday night. Some were more willing than others to talk about that, because to some at the MAVTV 500 qualifying runs, it was more than just another story.

MAVTV 500 2014
Power Pounds for Points

LA CAR REPORT— You’ll enjoy the spectacle of IndyCar racing at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana Friday and Saturday no matter who wins. It’s impossible for it to be otherwise. The noise, the smell of exhaust, the way the enormous track dwarfs the cars, how they look flying down the back straightaway with palm trees, mountains, and a railroad in the background, all of this makes for an enchanting experience. But you’ll enjoy it slightly more knowing what’s really at stake in terms of the World Championship that’s up for grabs amongst four drivers of the 22 or more who will start.

MAVTV 500 INDYCAR World Championship

LA CAR REPORT— Tick, tock; tick tock. The noise you hear is the countdown clock to the return of the Verizon IndyCar series to So Cal, happening this week at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the IndyCar World Championship, also known as the MAVTV 500. That night will see a lot of roar from both the cars and the crowd. And the run-up to that race kicks off Wednesday, when fans holding weekend tickets can view testing—for free. Those who aren’t planning to get to the race on the weekend can be admitted for a $10 charitable donation.

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