2016 Nissan GT-R

AUTO REVIEW—No, we’re not referring to the fire-breathing monster out of Japan. On second thought, yeah, we are. Only this one is made out of cold blue steel, has the power of 545 stallions, and is called the 2016 Nissan GT-R Premium. Zoran Segina tells us what it feels like to ride Godzilla on Southern California’s Highway 405 and beyond.

All eyes on the first show of the model year

AUTO SHOW—As the first major auto show of the model year in North America, the Los Angeles Auto Show is like the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries of the show circuit. The New York show has the largest attendance, Chicago has the most square footage, and Detroit the most debuts, but the LA Auto Show lays claim as the pacesetter—the show that rides the crest of the new model year wave. It’s a distinction it acquired when it moved the show from January to November. The show takes place on November 20-29, 2015, but all eyes are on the press and trade days on November 17-19th.

The tale of emissions, omissions and betrayal

BACK SEAT DRIVING—The announcement of a $1000 so-called “Good Will Package” that Volkswagen Corporate has made to some 400,000+ North American owners of certain diesel-powered Volkswagens, Audis, and Porsches is egregious on its face, insulting in content, and obfuscating at its heart.

Nissan shapes a new Murano

AUTO REVIEW—Nissan just introduced an all new Murano, named after the fancy glassware from the Venetian island of the same name. The new Murano can be described as a Goldilocks of cars. It’s a term used by astronomers to describe the right planet for sustaining life – neither too hot, nor too cold, not too far away from the star, neither too young nor too old. As to the Murano, this crossover is neither too big nor too small, not too expensive and yet it does not look cheap, and it has all the attributes of a perfect machine because it hits just the right notes.

Dual Barn Find Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEWS – Barns are where you find them and what people like the authors habitually find in those barns seems a never-ending parade of vintage automotive rolling stock that entrances, excites, and entices. I have previously vented my deep, personal (mock) hatred of authors who habitually find cool cars and then has the temerity to rub our sweet little little punims in it … book after book after book. Here are two such examples.

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