2016 Mazda6 i Grand Touring 4-door Sedan

AUTO REVIEW—Do they still say Zoom-zoom in Mazda land? They very well could with the 2016 Mazda6. Mazda’s SKYACTIV approach to design entails development of all three main automotive components —chassis, engine, transmission—with each other in mind. SKYACTIV, as opposed to an off-the-shelf plan wherein various parts are brought together to create a new product, results in a finished vehicle where everything works as a unit from the very beginning. This translates into a mid-size family sedan that may get you cited for driving while hot.


The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

AUTO REVIEW—If the late David Bowie were a car, we think he would have been an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider—or surely it would have been one of his more prominent personas: conspicuous, rambunctious, outlandish and sexy. It’s the alpha dog of the automotive kennel. Reviewer Harvey Schwartz marvels at both the pleasure and pain of the Alfa.

The 2016 Detroit Auto Show

AUTO SHOW—With auto sales in the U.S. reached the 17.4 million mark, topping the last record set in 2000, nothing beats celebrating a record breaking sales year like a good old coming out party, featuring the sparkle and glitz of new metal. And the Detroit Auto Show did not disappoint with over 30 North American and Global debuts including six concepts. Chris Merlo tells the story, and Mark Dapoz provides the eye candy.

Deep inside the 2016 Nissan Maxima

AUTO REVIEW—Visually, it’s the floating c-pillar on the new 2016 Nissan Maxima that sets it apart from the existing sport sedan crowd. Viscerally, it’s how the new car behaves that leaves the most lasting impression. LA Car Video Director-Editor Bobby Holland digs deep to find out what makes the new Maxima tick, interviewing its creators, dissecting its inner workings, and driving it the way it should be driven in a thorough road test.

Automotive Concept Art

AUTO SHOW—On the eve of the 2016 North American International Auto Show, as we eagerly anticipate the debuts of all that is new and groundbreaking in automotive design and technology, the American Dreaming exhibit at The Scarab Club in Detroit offers a fascinating look back at designs and concepts from the classic age of the American automobile. Covering the post-war boom years from 1947 through the mid Seventies, an era of such luminaries in automotive design as Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell, the exhibit looks into this bygone era and the designers of less renown who worked for these icons of American car design.

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