Waiting for the clean diesel train to arrive

BACK SEAT DRIVING—Remember the Richard Gere movie, “Hachi”, based on an actual Akita dog named Hachiko? In the real life version, Hachiko waited by the train station every day for nearly 10 years for his master’s arrival. The master never arrive, having suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage. Similarly, owners of VW’s TDI vehicles have been waiting for the clean diesel train to arrive. Will the fix ever arrive, or will owners suffer the same fate as Hachiko? Editor Doug Stokes laments.

The Pasadena Police 15th Annual Classic Car Show is also one of the coolest

AUTO SHOW— The recent heat wave that started this past weekend did not detract spectators from heading out to Paseo Colorado and enjoying the Pasadena Police 15th Annual Classic Car Show on Sunday. The car show’s timing was excellent, as it was held on Father’s Day and in conjunction with the always-interesting Pasadena Chalk Festival. Story and pictures by Glenn Oyoung.

The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning

strong>BOOK REVIEW—This is a book about what it really takes to be a successful racing driver in the era of modern technology. A firm right foot and and a disregard for consequences are evidently not not enough anymore. Author Neil Roberts is a racing design engineer and (by all accounts) a pretty damn fair SCCA open wheel racer. Doug Stokes reviews the book.

2016 San Marino Motor Classic

AUTO SHOW—If you gathered 100 people and asked them each what their favorite food is, you would probably get scores of different answers. To take it a step further, asking for a single restaurant to cook all of those different food types would seem ne-impossible. Yet, the San Marino Motor Classic tackles the equivalent of this task for cars every year with a can’t-fail attitude. The result is an annual smorgasbord of all types of automobiles that succeeds in having something for everyone. Sean Spear reports.

Scenes from BimmerFest 2016

GALLERY— If you’ve driven anywhere in Southern California, you know the BMW marque is more than just popular. With California being car culture ground zero, it is not surprising to see one of the biggest shows in the country for BMWs to be hosted here. BimmerFest 2016 was held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for 2016. The event has grown year-after-year, with people coming from near and far to see these German masterpieces on display. Mark Dorman reports.

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