On National Collector Car Appreciation Day

LA CAR REPORT— The second Friday of July is National Collector Car Appreciation Day! In celebration, Hagerty’s Insurance set up a retro gas station in Beverly Hills. Car hops serving coffee and donuts were a hit while attendants cleaned windshields. Full service flashbacks abounded as smiling, happy people pumped gas at vintage-correct prices for your vehicle. My 1951 pickup came in at ten gallons for $2.70 total bill.

We ride the Range Rover SV Autobiography

AUTO REVIEW—15-way adjustable heated and cooled seats stitched in Windsor leather with massaging function? Consoles finished from the finest woods? Deep twist pile mohair carpets? Maurice Wilks would not believe his eyes even after having repeatedly verified the Rover name plate. Yes, he was the chief engineer of Rover after the WWII, but the vehicle he designed in 1947 was to be used chiefly to plow the fields. He’d been relying on an old Jeep in his farm in Anglesey, and thought the Brits could use something similar. This rolling exhibit of comfort may have “biography” in its designation, but they did not rely on his.

We test the second-generation Chevrolet Volt

AUTO REVIEW—The first generation Chevrolet Volt created quite a jolt in the industry. With a back-up gas engine serving as a generator for its electric propulsion, the Volt could travel well over 300 miles—far longer than any electric car that preceded it. The press showered it with awards. After six years, Chevrolet introduces a second generation Volt—promising greater range, better hybrid fuel economy, smarter electronics, curvier styling, occasional five-passenger seating, and all at a lower price. Can lightening strike twice?

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