Woodward Dream Cruise 2016

GALLERY—Legend has it that carriage drivers raced along wooden planks on Woodward Avenue as early as 1848. 100 years later, Woodward Avenue became the center of street racing in Detroit. In 1994, the city mayor and a local plumber came up with the idea of a Dream Cruise. Today, it’s the largest single day car event in the world, attracting 40,000 cars and 1.5 million people. LA Car’s Detroit-born and breed Mark Dapoz was there to record the event on his digital black box. We present 80 of Mark’s views of this boulevard of unbroken dreams.

Toyota’s biggest, baddest Land Cruiser

AUTO REVIEW—Big seems to be the theme throughout the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s big on the outside, measuring in at 194.9 inches in length and 74 inches in height, and big on the inside with seating for eight people over three rows. It has a big 24.6-gallon fuel tank, which is probably a good idea for a vehicle that gets 13 miles per gallon around town. And finally, the Land Cruiser has a BIG price tag with an MSRP, as equipped, just shy of $84,000. Reed “The Traffic Guy” Berry finds out if bigger is better.

Subaru’s BRZ HyperBlue moves like Jagger

AUTO REVIEW—It grabs the eye with its exclusive Hyper Blue paint, and matching black with blue stitching on the inside. Already a darling of high plains drifting crowd, Subaru decides its front-engine, rear-wheel drive BRZ should really know how to move like Jagger. The result is the BRZ HyperBlue. Senior Contributing Editor Harvey Schwartz takes it on the dance floor.

On Danny Thompson’s record-breaking run

BACK SEAT DRIVING—I remember Mickey talking about Challenger II, but I never saw it in person. When I worked as the PR guy for his Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group, the car was in storage somewhere “down the hill” from our offices that were located in the lower level of the Bradbury home (often referred to as “estate” in the media) that he shared with his wife Trudy. This magnificent missile sat for decades before Mickey’s only son, Danny reanimated his dad’s dream and set a new speed record with the car. Bravo! – Doug Stokes

Rolling down the barriers to the world

BACK SEAT DRIVING—Windows are barriers to the outside world. With so many drivers so focused on their own driving and their own destination, roads can be unsafe. Using medians, bike lanes and even the other side of the road to get to the next light faster is becoming too common. Mirinda Osmer grew up with the windows down, and that helps to remember that there’s more to this world than her destination.

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