Is the hand of technology guiding you to safety?

BACK SEAT DRIVING—No, this isn’t an article about the Golden Earring song. We’re taking about the radar love that car companies are now hocking in the form of “lane departure warning”, lane assist”, and the like. It’s modern technology making like a spiritual hand to guide you to safety. Or is it? Editor Doug Stokes pontificates.

Reimagining the iron horse in Chatsworth

LA CAR REPORT—We saw a new definition of the word ICON today. As members of the Motor Press Guild, a number of LA Car staffers were invited to a luncheon meeting at the ICON works in Chatsworth for a unique opportunity to meet the main man, Jonathan Ward, and be treated to his delivering an easy-going master class in design theory and implementation that would not have been out of place if spoken to a third year class at Art Center. Doug Stokes reports.


… Of course his first all-out insider: “What Did Jesus Drive? Crisis PR in Cars, Computers, and Christianity” did a great job of opening up on Ford and Chrysler, along with the bible industry. So why would former top Chrysler PR monster shot-caller Jason Vines not want to solidify his tell-all/bad boy status with one more book about the earlier byzantine inner workings of those companies and a couple of others at home and abroad? Doug Stokes reviews.

Chevy dials it up a couple notches with its latest Cruze

AUTO REVIEW— With this latest “all new” edition of its Cruze, Chevrolet has taken the once-modest compact car line up and into luxury-adjacent territory. And our test version came into out hands with a feature list that seems to go on for pages, and a super-efficient turbocharged engine that delivers both power and economy. Chevy is determined not to be left behind in the hotly contested family sedan wars. Editor Doug Stokes reports.

VW digs into its past for the Beetle Dune Convertible

AUTO REVIEW—Things have changed a lot in the past 50 years. Perfect bank heists are now organized from the inside of corporate boardrooms, and wealthy businessmen engage in pursuits that may land them in Washington, D.C. Most of the sandy expanses near the beach are nature preserves closed to traffic. But we can still get into the Dune buggy. The one we tested over a hot Southern California week started as a regular VW bug. And it’s available at your local dealer.

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