The Body BMW i3 Electric

AUTO REVIEW—Beautifully odd-looking, quirky, upscale, light on its feet, and electric. Few cars can fit that description, but it fits the BMW i3—a popular choice among moderately well-heeled, tree-hugging consumers. Then came the Bolt with its 238-mile range to knock the wind out of the i3. But wait, now may be the best time ever to shop for an i3. You can now get one for a song. And you can thank Chevy for that. Harvey Schwartz tests the BMW i3.

VW engineer gets three years

BACK SEAT DRIVING—This guy … what’s his name: Liang, was wrong, criminally complicit, misguided … what else? But, unless I’m way off base, he’s sure as sunrise not the guy (or guys) at the top who OKed this betrayal of the dealers that sold these cars as “Clean Diesel” and the customers who bought them in good faith … and paid extra for the privilege by the way … Editor Stokes (who is not a diesel car owner himself) is still seething about “Dieselgate” and where the buck (er… Deutschmark) finally stops on this one. Doug Stokes opines.

This is Why We Can Have Nice Things
2017 Buick LaCrosse Premium FWD

AUTO REVIEW – Buick’s third generation LaCrosse is a prime example of why auto buyers should pay closer attention to the brand. Our 2017 Buick LaCrosse Premium Edition is an adult’s car. Roomy and comfortable with ample space for four, LaCrosse’s interior feels larger than it appears. Outward styling is very modern. Body contour sculpting runs from the front to fading in at about the rear quarter panel. Another line goes from the tail light area forward to the rear door. The result is subtle and very visually effective.

50 shades of the Woodward Dream Cruise

GALLERY— Woodward Avenue was long known as the center of street racing in Detroit. In 1994, the city mayor and a local plumber came up with the idea of a Dream Cruise. Today, the Dream Cruise is the largest single day car event in the world, attracting 40,000 cars and 1.5 million people. Detroit-born and bred Mark Dapoz was there to record the event on his digital black box. We present 50 shades of Mark’s views of this boulevard of unbroken dream.

“The death of the internal combustion engine”

BACK SEAT DRIVING—The lead story in The Economist magazine says the internal combustion engine (ICE) had a good run and soon will be supplanted by electric vehicles (EVs). The article cites info and data that favor electric, including the rapidly falling cost of batteries, low cost of ownership, and environmental and health benefits. Many auto industry pundits, including members of the LA Car staff, scoff at the imminent demise of the ICE. But the facts are compelling. Chuck Dapoz comments.

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