from LA Car’s first two decades

LA CAR REPORT—LA Car Day with Jay Leno. The article that caused the President of Pasadena City College to change her campus-issued vehicle. The MPG Lifetime Achievement Award for our Editor. LACAR, the porn site? “This car got me laid.” Making the 6:00 p.m. network news on channels 2, 4 and 7. There are many memorable moments in LA Car’s first two decades. Here are ten of them.

Mustang World Gets Younger

AUTO SHOW—The Beach Cities Mustang Club sponsored its 21st annual Ponies at the Pike Mustang show in Long Beach, gathering a turnout of several hundred Mustangs. One thing the show proved: Mustang people will buy almost anything, as long as they can bolt it onto their car. Various Mustangs, mostly late-models, had the following assortment of extras attached to their Ford-produced bodies: lowering kits, huge wheels, chrome intakes, nitrous kits, Recaro seats, decals of giant horses, scissor doors, and on and on. Brian Kennedy reports.

2017 Ford Escape Titanium AWD

AUTO REVIEW – Those of you paying attention on the road have seen plenty 2017 Ford Escapes. Nearly 200,000 units are on the road and that’s just the 2017 rendition. Get behind the wheel of one and you’ll soon realize why it’s so popular.

Glenn Oyoung is LA Car’s new publisher

LA CAR REPORT—If you were at the Petersen Museum on the sixth of August last year, you might have seen Glenn Oyoung giving a reading from his children’s book, “C is for Car.” It’s a delightful book for the very young, and the reception from the Petersen crowd resulted in calls for Glenn to expand his publication reach. When the 2018 model year begins, Glenn will be expanding his publication repertoire into the automotive world of the young and old. Starting the first of October, Glenn becomes the Publisher of LA Car.

The Shelby GT350 Mustang Lives!

From the Original Venice Crew’s website: “In 1964 Shelby American started with a “K Code” 65 Mustang 2+2 and converted Ford Motor Company’s mild mannered Mustang into a heart pounding, fire breathing racer that dominated road race circuits all over America.” Editor Stokes was invited to the little coming out party that the Shelby folks threw recently for the latest iteration of the indelible, indefatigable Shelby Mustang … half a century after the first ones blew an equal number of minds and track records … here’s his personal take on this powerful pony …

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