AutoMobility, and the days of future passed in car culture ground zero

LA CAR REPORT—A few years ago, the LA Auto Show organizers made the decision to add a technology component to the show’s press preview days. It went by the name Connected Car Expo, and it soon played a prominent role in the show’s press days. Last year, they renamed the press days AutoMobilityLA, shifting the focus even further toward new technology and the future. It’s a gutsy move for a major auto show. It has one big problem: The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is doing it too—and doing it better. So where does this leave the Los Angeles International Auto Show? The LA Car staff reports.

SHELBY AMERICAN Up Close And Behind The Scenes 1962 – 1965 The Venice Years

Just when we thought there could not ever possibly be another original fleeting thought on the subject … Here comes a whole new set of images that are an authentic and honest photo-chronicle of the days and deeds of the Venice Crew … Long -time, full-time, card-carrying, all-in, Shelby insider, Dave Friedman was there, took the pictures and here reminisces about them.
Hey, pull up a bench, crack open a cold one …

Part Two

LA CAR REPORT—Beaters, rebuilds, restorations, and cars you never thought of buying. That’s what you’ll find at a major auction. Don’t get too crazy and you might just find a car you’ll value as a keeper. It’s Part Two of Brian Kennedy’s Barrett-Jackson report.

AutoNOmobility 2017
The LA Auto Show Reimagined as a Hipster/Tech Haven

BACK SEAT DRIVING—This year, AutoMobilityLA, the event I called a brightly-lit rabbit hole last time around, is planning to step it up with a race to “Design and Develop L.A. into a Smarter City”. Like the GM Styling Contests of old, this is a competition among futurists for a complete retool, a clean sheet world where all of the present problems are somehow swept aside and a 15-level motor highway interchange magically appears just where it was needed most. So, the idea here is to present a smarter city, not a better city, not a friendlier city, not a more accommodating city, but a city that is somehow “smarter”. Editor Doug Stokes opines.

Membership has its Privileges
Don Murray’s Private Collection

EVENTS-— They say membership has its privileges. In this case, the select few who are “Checkered Flag” members of the Petersen Automotive Museum were treated to a private tour of Don Murray’s fabulous collection.

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