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LA CAR is very proud to have the cooperation of Car Styling Magazine.
From time to time excerpts from their publication will be featured on our site.
Rather than reinventing the wheel when it comes to being a design influenced
publication, we sought out the help of Car Styling Magazine which offers the
very best insight into the inner working of the auto design industry. Much of
the publication (more like a soft bound book than a magazine) is dedicated to
high quality images of design renderings, clay modeling, digital modeling and
prototypes along with informative accompanying articles. This high-end publication
comes out once every other month from Japan (it is printed in both languages)
and the uninitiated might find the price a bit steep. Don’t worry about
it. You’ll immediately realize that you get your money’s worth and
then some upon receiving your first issue. Go ahead and spoil yourself.

The following pictures and text are from Car Styling issue 128 February

To order your issue or subscription, please go to

From the middle of 1992. Apparently the designers were set on giving
the lights (at least the headlight) a distinctive shape.

A sketch with soft surfaces but for which the designer was instructed to give
“hard lines”. It resembles the Audi A6, but was drawn before the Audi
was revealed to the public. Does this indicate a new current in German design?

The grille is heavily inclined.

It is a mistake to think that Mercedes designers are restrained.

The sporty graphics are distinctive, but going this far detracts from
the sense of luxury. At least for the S-Class.

Long, wide, low proportions with a small cabin – truly a sports car.

Of course the developers did not only pursue a sporty look. This design is conservative,
aside from the front and rear lights.

A proposal combing taillight graphics replying to the headlights with a high

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