Karting Adventures in “Chasing The Checkered Flag”

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By Kay Presto
Foreward by Alexander Rossi (Winner 2016 Indianapolis 500)
Cover art by Hector Cademartori
Createspace Independent Publishing
ISBN: 1535597542
Available from Amazon $9.99 print edition, $3.99 for Kindle edition
LA Car Review by Doug Stokes

Don’t tell anyone but my first read of this book was from a printout of a review version PDF that the author had sent just prior to the publication “Chasing the Checkered Flag”.

… Funny, I thought that author Kay Presto told me it was a “Kid’s Book”, then I guess I’m just a big kid because I read the first 29 pages almost straight through, literally standing at my printer.

At my desk I got to Chapter 4 before the phone (finally) got my attention and I got back to work.

I thought: “Whoa … I know these people, I’ve been to these places, and I’ve seen these races …”

I say the above from the rather unique vantage point of having been the Executive Director of the International Kart Federation for a bit over five years, running the national office and officiating (in a dual role as the Editor of the organization’s monthly magazine: “Karter News”) at hundreds of regional and national Karting events from coast to coast.

The pace of this story never slows whether the characters are at home, in the shop, or at the track. You’ll like them, you’ll pull for them, and you might even end up being proud of them … “Kid’s Book”? OK, if you say so, but this old Kart racer sure got a heck of a kick out of it!

There’s a real sense of the sport here. Presto’s new novel captures not only the excitement, but the true family aspect of Karting in a fun and insightful way that manages to weave mystery with redemption and action with understanding. Here’s an enthusiastic Green flag for a neat novel!-DS

KAY PRESTO is a long-time motorsports journalist who one day decided that she’d write a novel about kids and Kart racing … and did. Although the characters in her Chasing the Checkered Flag are all fictional, the situations are all quite true-to-life.

With all of the electronic stimulation out there (and you are reading that on one of those very things right now) sitting (or standing, as I did…see above) with an actual printed book, seeing all the action in one’s mind’s eye is still as stimulating as ever. Here’s a really good op for that certain young person to give it a try. -Doug Stokes

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