Back Seat Driving


BACK SEAT DRIVING—Good to see the electric FIA Formula E race by-line in the Business Section. However, I have a fundamental problem with ANY racing series that requires the use of TWO racing cars to complete ONE racing event. As a showcase for any sort of advancements in electric car technology, this whole exercise seems to me at best to be an abject failure, and at worst, a way to further dramatize and enforce the public’s number one concern about electric vehicles: RANGE. Doug Stokes comments.

Dinosaurs and Driverless Cars

BACK SEAT DRIVING—“My daily driver pickup lacks windshield wipers, radio, and heater. I even have to operate the window mechanism by hand. This doesn’t mean I’m a better person than the next guy. This simply translates to accepting some semblance of control in my lifestyle.” Harold Osmer partakes in a presentation on transportation in Los Angeles, with Mayor Eric Garcetti, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, Google’s Chris Urmson, Hyperloop’s Rob Lloydand—and ponders a city of autonomous vehicles.

The tale of emissions, omissions and betrayal

BACK SEAT DRIVING—The announcement of a $1000 so-called “Good Will Package” that Volkswagen Corporate has made to some 400,000+ North American owners of certain diesel-powered Volkswagens, Audis, and Porsches is egregious on its face, insulting in content, and obfuscating at its heart.

A tale of emissions, omissions, and betrayal

BACK SEAT DRIVING—The EPA, together with the California Air Resources Board, accused Volkswagen and Audi of using software to circumvent emissions requirements on four-cylinder diesel cars sold from 2009-2015. The software detects when the car is hooked up to emissions testing equipment, changing the management system to pass the test, but allows the car to pollute up to 40 times the permissible limit during normal operation. Volkswagen has acknowledged it has breached the trust of the government regulators and the public. Editor Doug Stokes comments.

How to test the BFG All-Terrain KO2 tires

BACKSEAT DRIVING—BFGoodrich asks Andrew Comrie-Picard, the 2014 Rally America champion and one of the team members to pilot a win in the Baja Challenge class at the Score Baja 1000 race, to take its All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires for an all-day test drive in the off-road hills of Calamigos Ranch, just off of Mulholland and Kanan Dume Road. Editor John Grafman goes along for the wild ride.

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