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Henrik builds a Rocket

LA REPORT—”Rocket” is an appropriate name for a Mustang with 725 ponies under a carbon-fiber hood. While just shy of being able to leaving earth’s orbit, it should be more than enough for anyone other than an astronaut. The melding of design talent extraordinaire Henrik Fisker, and Beau Bockmann of Galpin Motors (and GAS) is really a dream team in many ways. It also should be noted that both call Southern California their home. So, it just seemed natural to unleashing their offering at the 2014 LA Auto Show.

Every Mustang tells a story at the Arboretum

LA CAR REPORT— First it was Shelby Cobras in “Serpents in the Garden,” then came vintage European roadsters in “Spyders in the Garden.” This year, the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Arcadia, California let the original pony car run wild as it celebrated 50 years of the iconic Ford Mustang. Brian Kennedy reports on “Mustangs in the Garden,” with Gabriela Moya digitally documented the creatures in the natural habitat of the lush Arboretum.

The Paul Walker Porsche 997 Carrera GTS

LA CAR REPORT—Cars As ART senior designer and owner Charles Carlino built this Paul Walker Tribute Car off a donor 2005 997, Carrera GTS white coupe with a 3.8 liter Boxster flat six engine and a Tiptronic six-speed transmission. If you haven’t guessed, Carlino is a Porsche enthusiast and a fan of Mr. Walker and his movie series ‘Fast and Furious’. As Charles tells it, “Mr. Paul Walker was an inspiration to all auto enthusiasts around the world, by way of his starring roles in the movie series.” Harvey Schwartz reports.

IndyCars, motor homes, and a cold beer

LA CAR REPORT— Two simple questions motivated LA Car to talk to the motor home-dwelling people scattered through the infield between turns one and three at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the 2014 MAVTV 500. One: why, with the heat and the fact that it’s a holiday weekend, are you here? And two: why are you drinking cheap canned beer rather than some kind of decent IPA? The answer to the first proved easier to get than the second.

MAVTV 500 2014
Round by Round

LA CAR REPORT—“The race tonight, starting in the back there, we just slowly picked people off. We’d get people on the out lap and getting good air, but there was a point in the race where I thought I really had to go for it, from about 6th or 7th. I passed Munoz and thought that it was really time to get myself well in the top five. On the restart, I got to lead a lap, and I thought not to go backwards. To win the championship is 15 years of hard work for me.”

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