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Breaking the sound barrier in car audio

LA CAR REPORT—Just when you think the state of mobile audio has reached a plateau, along comes someone with an approach that forces us to bring out a word that hasn’t been used in a while: Breakthrough. That someone is Oscar-winning re-recording mixer Gary Summers, and he calls his approach “Aural Vision”. The name may sound a bit hocus-pocus, but the approach is steeped in long-established, conventional acoustic principles.

Scenes From A Hollywood Coming Out Party

LA CAR REPORT—What do Paris Hilton, Torri Spelling, and Lance Bass have in common…besides being TMZ bait? Apparently it is a love for environment-friendly cars making their debut in Hollywood. Such was the case at Quixote Studios in WeHo Monday night, where the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Volt took center stage in a studio featuring DJs, dance club lighting, lounge chairs, and a free-flowing bar.


LA CAR REPORT—In her younger days, Salma Heyak would have found one of California’s new driving laws for 2015 very handy. Reed “The Traffic Guy” Berry reports on the law in question, as well as the handful of other driving laws that took effect January 1st of this year.

Henrik builds a Rocket

LA REPORT—”Rocket” is an appropriate name for a Mustang with 725 ponies under a carbon-fiber hood. While just shy of being able to leaving earth’s orbit, it should be more than enough for anyone other than an astronaut. The melding of design talent extraordinaire Henrik Fisker, and Beau Bockmann of Galpin Motors (and GAS) is really a dream team in many ways. It also should be noted that both call Southern California their home. So, it just seemed natural to unleashing their offering at the 2014 LA Auto Show.

Every Mustang tells a story at the Arboretum

LA CAR REPORT— First it was Shelby Cobras in “Serpents in the Garden,” then came vintage European roadsters in “Spyders in the Garden.” This year, the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Arcadia, California let the original pony car run wild as it celebrated 50 years of the iconic Ford Mustang. Brian Kennedy reports on “Mustangs in the Garden,” with Gabriela Moya digitally documented the creatures in the natural habitat of the lush Arboretum.

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