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9th Annual Concorso Ferrari Turns Heads in Old Pasadena

LA CAR REPORT—Old Pasadena is no stranger to very nice cars. On any given night, you are bound to see a bevy of exotic cars from Aston Martins to Lamborghinis rumbling down Colorado Boulevard or parked in front of upscale restaurants like Mi Piace. But when over 140 Ferraris are parked on Colorado that can only mean that the annual Concorso Ferrari is in town. Story by Glenn Oyoung. Pictures by Albert Wong and Glenn Oyoung.

No Slowing Down at the Big Race

LA CAR REPORT—The only time the IndyCar field slowed down at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on Sunday afternoon was to end the race, once Simon Pagenaud had been crowned the King of Long Beach. Otherwise, the 21-car field ran flat out for the entire 80 laps that comprised the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. That’s a total of just under 160 miles at 100.592 mph average. It was the fourth time this race had run caution-free, but the first such race since April 16th of 1984 at this track. The last all-green race in the series was in August of 2013 at Mid-Ohio. Brian Kennedy reports.

Pole Qualifying at the Toyota Grand Prix

LA CAR REPORT—IndyCar qualifying is probably more of interest to the diehard than to the casual fan. This is more so true now because they’ve gone away from the single flying lap format and adopted a multi-round format. If you’re at home watching on TV, this is easy to follow. If you’re in the crowd, like those in the windswept and cool(ish) bleachers in Long Beach on Saturday afternoon, you’d probably have a tough time knowing what’s going on. (Not that the thrill of seeing the cars fly by at insane speeds would be a bad thing.) Brian Kennedy reports.

Jimmie Johnson Takes the Checkered Flag and the Record Book

LA CAR REPORT—Is it fun watching Jimmie Johnson win all the time? That’s one storyline coming out of the Auto Club 400 in Fontana on Sunday, where he took his sixth race of 22 he has run at the track. He has now notched 77 wins in 512 starts in Sprint Cup. Thing is, he didn’t do it in dominating fashion. In fact, he wasn’t ahead much until the last two OT laps. So it’s not like people had to watch his smiling face on the big screens all day. Brian Kennedy reports.

The Competitive Edge

LA CAR REPORT—Drama is normally high on the morning of a NASCAR race. What you don’t see on TV is the frenzy of the inspection process, nor any of the little things that make up the reality of race weekend. The theme of the weekend at Auto Club Speedway has been to try to give you some glimpses into what you didn’t see on TV. Brian Kennedy reports.

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