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The curious listener’s guide to the Bose Panaray System in the Cadillac CT6

AUTO REVIEW—LACar’s resident audiophiles review the latest and greatest factory sound package from the company started by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, the Bose Panaray Audio System in the Cadillac CT6. With 34 speakers, it’s the mother of Bose car audio—and it comes standard in the top-of-the-line Platinum AWD edition of the Cadillac CT6. Gary Summers, Robert M. Shoji and Roy Nakano report. Photographs by Harvey Schwartz.

Irwindale Speedway and Drag Strip remain open under new management team

HOT WIRE—It was announced on Thursday evening that Irwindale Event Center, the home of Irwindale Speedway and Irwindale Drag Strip, will remain open and in full operation under a new multi-year agreement with a group of motorsports enthusiasts led by Tim Huddleston and Justice Brothers and the property owners.

and changes for 2018

LA CAR REPORT—In 2018, the “Gas & Car Tax” is in full swing. In addition to raising gas prices by 12 cents per gallon and diesel fuel by 20 cents per gallon, it will also raise vehicle registration renewal fees significantly in 2018. Recreational marijuana use may be legal in California as of January 1st but driving under the influence of it, or using it in a vehicle, is not. Being impaired behind the wheel isn’t limited to alcohol. Here is our annual summary of new California driving laws and changes. All take effect on January 1st unless otherwise noted. Read, obey, enjoy! Reed “The Traffic Guy” Berry reports.

Hector Cademartori’s Datsun Christmas Card

LA CAR REPORT—For the year twenty-thousand, seventeen, LACar’s own famed automotive artist Hector Cademartori presents “Tribute”—the Datsun Christmas card. We’ve got the card displayed as the opening graphic art on LACar’s Facebook page. Hector tells us how he made the card…

The Making of a Screened Shirt and
Picking our Favorite Automotive T-Shirts

LA CAR REPORT—When you say “screen-printing” the first thing that comes to mind is some dude in a backroom feverishly scraping a screen and has ink smeared everywhere, sweating with a look of panic. Well, part of that is true, except for that one guy.
In today’s world the days of one or two guys making screens and printing T-shirts are almost gone. If you want to stay competitive, you have to operate like a NASCAR or NHRA pit crew—it’s team effort here folks. Tom Gomez reports. And then we pick our favorite automotive T-shirts!

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