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Weekend of a Champion

REVIEW—The original film was shot in 1971 at and around the Grand Prix of Monaco. The driver was the ever-camera ready Jackie Stewart and the director (who was actually the producer for this one) was Roman Polanski. Why this documentary was never widely distributed at the time that it was made some 40 years ago has never been satisfactorily explained for me. My suspicion is that the success of the recent “Senna” documentary might well have been why this film has been (re?) released at this time. It is no “Senna”.

New Lexus NX aims at the compact crossover

LA CAR REPORT— “We know we are late to the party,” said the Lexus representative. The luxury division of Toyota gave LA CAR and other select media the opportunity to get up close and personal with the forthcoming 2015 Lexus NX family of small luxury utility vehicles. Sean Spear offers a quick take on Lexus’ big leap into the small ute competition.

Hyundai delivers the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle

LA CAR REPORT—There’s a technology battle going on in the electrification of automobiles, and it’s between battery electric cars (BEVs) and electric cars with fuel cells (FCEVs). Earlier this month, Hyundai threw down the gauntlet when it delivered the first mass-produced fuel cell electric vehicle to Timothy Bush at a dealership in Tustin, California. For $2,999 down and $499 a month, you can have the 2015 Tucson Fuel Cell—and Hyundai will throw in unlimited fuel and home-office car pick-up and delivery service.

The year they stopped the INDY 500

BOOK REVIEW—This is a remarkably thorough and well-researched book that’s centered on a single very dark day in American racing history. It’s a subject that could have easily been sensationalized even now some 50 years downstream. It has all the players, all the motives, all the hopes and the fears, all of the elements right in hand for a lurid retelling of the day that they stopped the Indy 500 race. Instead, first time author Art Garner faithfully unfolds a measured, detailed retracing of the events leading up to May 30, 1964 and the things that followed that awful day.

100 Years of Horse Power

LA CAR REPORT—Celebrating Beverly Hills’ centennial, “100 Years of Horse Power” is the theme for the 2014 Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. A free-to-the-public event each year on Father’s Day, the featured automotive marque for this year’s Concours is Maserati. Editor-at-Large Reed “The Traffic Guy” Berry was on hand to capture the moment on camera and keyboard.

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