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12th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show

LA CAR REPORT—“I look forward to the Japanese Classic Car Show every year. The quality of the cars, the inclusive vibe, and the postcard-like backdrop of the Long Beach shoreline and the iconic Queen Mary make JCCS a unique gem of a local car show. That’s saying something in SoCal, the land where neither cars nor coffee need to hibernate for the winter.” Story by Glenn Oyoung. Pictures by Glenn Oyoung and Albert Wong.

The state of the Mustang hobby on display

LA CAR REPORT—The Long Beach Mustang show, held on the lawn near the Queen Mary for years, now finds itself at the Pike, an area next to the seaside still in sight of the grand old ship in downtown Long Beach. The lawns were full on Sunday, September 25th, with hundreds of Mustangs lining up side-by-side up the hill and around the corner from the Long Beach Aquarium for the event now known as Ponies at the Pike. Story by Brian Kennedy. Pictures by Gabriela Moya.

Reimagining the iron horse in Chatsworth

LA CAR REPORT—We saw a new definition of the word ICON today. As members of the Motor Press Guild, a number of LA Car staffers were invited to a luncheon meeting at the ICON works in Chatsworth for a unique opportunity to meet the main man, Jonathan Ward, and be treated to his delivering an easy-going master class in design theory and implementation that would not have been out of place if spoken to a third year class at Art Center. Doug Stokes reports.

Beyond the SEMA Show

LA CAR REPORT—Our newest LA Car Editor-at-Large, Glenn Oyoung, gives us his insider’s impression of SEMA’s recent open house in Diamond Bar, California. Even though it was an industry event and not open to the public, Glenn seems to have really gotten the vibe about SEMA and its work to promote and protect the car hobby for everyone.

On National Collector Car Appreciation Day

LA CAR REPORT— The second Friday of July is National Collector Car Appreciation Day! In celebration, Hagerty’s Insurance set up a retro gas station in Beverly Hills. Car hops serving coffee and donuts were a hit while attendants cleaned windshields. Full service flashbacks abounded as smiling, happy people pumped gas at vintage-correct prices for your vehicle. My 1951 pickup came in at ten gallons for $2.70 total bill.

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