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Lexus RC 350, RC 350 F Sport & RC F

AUTO REVIEW—”The ‘LA’ in LA Car stands for Los Angeles but, for this report, it represents the great state of Louisiana. I have come to the city of New Orleans to drive what could be one of the most exciting new cars on the road, the Lexus RC F, as well as its brethren, the RC 350 and RC 350 F Sport. New Orleans is known as The Big Easy, and that may very well describe the adventure that awaits me. I’m about to have BIG fun in a car that will be EASY to become attached to.” Reed ‘The Traffic Guy’ Berry reports.

Final stretch for the third generation Prius

AUTO REVIEW—“I hope they don’t screw it up.” Those are the words of an engineer that works with Toyota and owns three Priuses (or Prii, as they say among the owners). Model year 2015 represents the final stretch for the third generation Toyota Prius. The car that sent all the car companies back to the drawing board is about to undergo a major change for model year 2016. In the meantime, the current Prius has been honed to hybrid perfection. We review the current model in its final production run.

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT

AUTO REVIEW— The Rose Bowl Loop is the place where Pasadena’s walkers and joggers converge to exercise their right to remain physically fit. The area surrounding the Rose Bowl Loop is also a beautiful place for a Sunday drive—any day of the week. With its winding roads and lush surroundings, the streets around Pasadena’s Rose Bowl are a favorite venue for the area’s Cars and Coffee crowd to engage in the occasional quality motoring. This is the venue we were presented with when handed the keys to the new 2015 Ford Mustang GT. It turned out to be a great one for the new car.

The third-generation Lexus IS

AUTO REVIEW—“The relentless pursuit of perfection” was the Lexus slogan in its early years. For the littlest Lexus, the IS, it’s also been a relentless pursuit of BMW—the self-proclaimed Ultimate Driving Machine. Has the chase ended? Mark Dorman reports on the third generation Lexus IS—in 306-horsepower IS 350 form.

A $66,000 KIA
We drive the 2015 Kia K900

AUTO REVIEW— I’m driving a $66,000 Kia. Stop laughing. It’s true. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re correct. There was a time – and not that long ago – when in order to have a Kia worth $66K you would have to buy a new Kia and fill the trunk with $50,000 in cash. Kia has really been stepping it up in the areas of quality and design, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before they jumped into the luxury car segment. They have done it in a BIG way with the handsome new 2015 Kia K900.

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