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Weekend of a Champion

REVIEW—The original film was shot in 1971 at and around the Grand Prix of Monaco. The driver was the ever-camera ready Jackie Stewart and the director (who was actually the producer for this one) was Roman Polanski. Why this documentary was never widely distributed at the time that it was made some 40 years ago has never been satisfactorily explained for me. My suspicion is that the success of the recent “Senna” documentary might well have been why this film has been (re?) released at this time. It is no “Senna”.

RUSH – Ron Howard’s new film

MOVIE REVIEW— One person cannot fight. It takes at least two. In this same vein, a person will most often rise to the top at the insistence/pressure/rivalry of someone else. Thus goes the underlying tale of “Rush,” a movie fresh for release by director Ron Howard. Harold Osmer reviews.

Iron Man 3 – The Movie

MOVIE REVIEW—What seems to be America’s (and much of the world’s) favorite Marvel Comic Super Hero returns to the big screen once again. Iron Man 3, the supposed final installment in the trilogy of this blockbuster money maker had a lot to live up to. With Iron Man 1 and 2 both grossing over half a billion dollars, it’s no surprise Marvel decided a third movie is a good idea.

Our project car gets the vinyl wrap

LA CAR REPORT—The LA Car Gallery features the work of Lyle Beckwith, the creative force behind Vinyl Styles of San Carlos, California. Vinyl wrapping (wrapping a car with vinyl) is becoming almost as popular as vinyl rapping (the turntable LP scratching variety). LA Car had an opportunity to have Vinyl Styles wrap the interior of its MINI project car—and to try vinyl wrapping ourselves. We report on the results.

The Book Review

BOOK REVIEW— From the spectacular color shot of the interior of a vintage ‘Vette sprawled across the inside cover and first page, to the final wide screen shot of and invitingly empty late model waiting patiently on the beach for its occupants to return from whatever they’ve been up to off-camera, this new book is fully committed to the lore and legend of the fabled fiberglass-bodied All-American sportscar. Doug Stokes reports.

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