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Scenes from the 9th Annual Concorso Ferrari in Old Pasadena

GALLERY—More scenes from the 9th Annual Concorso Ferrari, hosted by the Ferrari Club of America (FCA) Southwest Region. The event brought together over 140 of the finest vintage and contemporary Ferraris for display. The free event was open to the general public and drew over 5,000 spectators who were treated to some truly historic and valuable cars. Photographs by Glenn Oyoung.

9th Annual Concorso Ferrari Turns Heads in Old Pasadena

LA CAR REPORT—Old Pasadena is no stranger to very nice cars. On any given night, you are bound to see a bevy of exotic cars from Aston Martins to Lamborghinis rumbling down Colorado Boulevard or parked in front of upscale restaurants like Mi Piace. But when over 140 Ferraris are parked on Colorado that can only mean that the annual Concorso Ferrari is in town. Story by Glenn Oyoung. Pictures by Albert Wong and Glenn Oyoung.

The 2016 Detroit Auto Show

AUTO SHOW—With auto sales in the U.S. reached the 17.4 million mark, topping the last record set in 2000, nothing beats celebrating a record breaking sales year like a good old coming out party, featuring the sparkle and glitz of new metal. And the Detroit Auto Show did not disappoint with over 30 North American and Global debuts including six concepts. Chris Merlo tells the story, and Mark Dapoz provides the eye candy.

Automotive Concept Art

AUTO SHOW—On the eve of the 2016 North American International Auto Show, as we eagerly anticipate the debuts of all that is new and groundbreaking in automotive design and technology, the American Dreaming exhibit at The Scarab Club in Detroit offers a fascinating look back at designs and concepts from the classic age of the American automobile. Covering the post-war boom years from 1947 through the mid Seventies, an era of such luminaries in automotive design as Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell, the exhibit looks into this bygone era and the designers of less renown who worked for these icons of American car design.

Where to eat during the Detroit Auto Show

LA REPORT— Are you planning on hitting the NAIAS this January? The cars’ll get your motor running, so sooner or later you’re going to need to fuel-up your body. Eric Noble, Mike Dovorany, Bob Martin and Maeva Ribas provide some suggestions for those looking to follow the excitement of cars and carpet with worthy food and drink. Spoiler alert: The reviews here can and will make you salivate!

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