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The Pasadena Police 15th Annual Classic Car Show is also one of the coolest

AUTO SHOW— The recent heat wave that started this past weekend did not detract spectators from heading out to Paseo Colorado and enjoying the Pasadena Police 15th Annual Classic Car Show on Sunday. The car show’s timing was excellent, as it was held on Father’s Day and in conjunction with the always-interesting Pasadena Chalk Festival. Story and pictures by Glenn Oyoung.

2016 San Marino Motor Classic

AUTO SHOW—If you gathered 100 people and asked them each what their favorite food is, you would probably get scores of different answers. To take it a step further, asking for a single restaurant to cook all of those different food types would seem ne-impossible. Yet, the San Marino Motor Classic tackles the equivalent of this task for cars every year with a can’t-fail attitude. The result is an annual smorgasbord of all types of automobiles that succeeds in having something for everyone. Sean Spear reports.

22nd Annual Gilmore Heritage Auto Show

AUTO SHOW—“Ragtop Day” is not just the name of a popular Jimmy Buffett song, it also seems to appropriately describe the 22nd Annual Gilmore Heritage Auto Show in Los Angeles. Held the first Saturday in June each year, this year’s theme is “The Sky Is The Limit: A Tribute To American Convertibles.” Reed Berry reports.

2016 San Marino Motor Classic

AUTO SHOW—Top-Flite classic car owners from all over Southern California and beyond are breaking out the polish and wax in anticipation of the Sixth Annual San Marino Motor Classic: Design in Motion. More than 250 classic and collector cars spanning over a century will be available for public view at this concours-level event on Sunday, June 12th at Lacy Park located at 1485 Virginia Road in San Marino. Gates open at 9 a.m. PDT.

A Vintage Racing View

Yeah, we know this is LA CAR (dot) COM … but we just could not resist these notes and great shots from our tall, well-traveled contributor from the Yosemite foothills. Here are Dave Wolin’s cool photos and brief tale of the SVRA vintage sports car races at whatever they’re calling Sears Point these days. More than 200 of these rolling treasures, ranging in value from a $30 million+ Ferrari GTO to a $20,000 Bugeye Sprite (!), filled the paddock, each and every one of them making those old fashion joyful noises that were a truly a pleasure to hear.

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