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The Classic Auto Show is coming

AUTO SHOW—Those who have read my LA Auto Show coverage over the years know that I have one wish every year: When I walk into the LA Convention Center, it will be full of classic cars—the auto show of my dreams. Someone’s made it happen. It’s called The Classic Auto Show, and it’s coming to town during the weekend of January 27-29th. Brian Kennedy reports.

New Auto Show In Town …

This is a new show that sounds great from here, as we all know the word “Classic” encompasses and covers a VERY wide range of ideas automotive. From here, I’d say that if the promoters can carry off 70% of what’s promised it’ll be well worth the effort. We’ll be attending and really would like to hear back from you if you go


January 4, 2017: Our friends at CarLab in Orange, California sat down with Bob Caza, the Communications Director for the North American International Auto Show, for a Q & A and a look towards the future of the auto show. With over a decade making things happen behind the scenes at Cobo, Bob offered a clear view of the road ahead. Car shows will become less about the car and more about mobility, and shared experience will take precedence over shiny sheet metal.

Cirque Du Auto gala

LA CAR REPORT—This year’s theme of the annual fundraiser for the Automotive Driving Museum involved circus performers. They were saltimbanques, wandering acrobats, performing as buskers in the open air, if you will. The Italian phrase “saltare in banco,” means “to jump on a bench” or a temporary platform to give their audience a better view. And what a view they provided! Managing Editor Zoran Segina reports on the Cirque Du Auto gala.

from the LA Auto Show

BACK SEAT DRIVING— Every year I think the same thing: “Where are the classics?” In my head, the LA Auto Show should feature the great old cars of the past. Or maybe what I think is that the cars of today ought to somehow look like they’re all 1967 Pontiacs or 1955 Nashes. In truth, I don’t even know whether they made the Nash in 1955. Doesn’t matter. This isn’t about fact. Story by Brian Kennedy. Pictures by Gabriela Moya.

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