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Racing History Project’s Tribute to IMSA, AutoFest 2017 & Tribute to Riverside

The Racing History Project, is a non-profit group that puts on special events which bring participants and fans together to celebrate past motorsports events. people, and places. There are a number of such events coming up in southern California at a great location, the Wally Parks NHRA Museum in Pomona, California.

The Mullin Automotive Museum presents…

If you haven’t yet been to the Mullin Automotive Museum, now is the time to visit and see the largest collection of Citroën automobiles under one roof … at least in the United States. The Citroën exhibition features cars from the entire history of the company as well as an in-depth look at Andre Citroën, featuring 46 of the world’s most historic and unique Citroëns including a number of vehicles bodied by French coachbuilder Chapron, a rare twin-engined 2CV Sahara, a Traction Avant Cabriolet and an iconic HY Van. Story and pictures by Dave Wolin.

The Mecum Auctions in Pomona

AUTO EVENT—The Mecum Auctions (surely you’ve seen one on television … right … way cool cars, trucks, motorcycles, even man cave memorabilia all being paraded across an open stage in front of a raucous crowd, each barely slowing down as they cross from left to right, only to pause for what seems split seconds with an auctioneer shouting, cajoling, challenging, and quite unsubtly suggesting prices that ratchet show on a gargantuan overheard scoreboard that flashes the current bid in bucks, euros, and two or three other basic world currencies) were just in town.

Paean to Mrs. Meyer and Her Summer Trip

AUTO SHOW—When your husband invites you to accompany him on a road trip in mid-July, for a gathering of automotive enthusiasts up the coast, the proposal conjures images of leisurely jaunt in a comfortable motor car suitable for the long road with all modern accouterments, one of which obviously being an efficient air conditioning system. After all, it’s summer. It could get hot. If your husband is Bruce Meyer, then the invitation requires further scrutiny along the lines of “where?,” “when?,” and, most importantly, in “what?” Story by Zoran Segina.

All the news that fits from the North American International Auto Show

AUTO SHOW—The annual right of passage for the Detroit Auto Show is to kick off the Press Preview with the announcement of the North American Car, Truck and Utility of the Year winners – the utility category was added this year. Chevrolet Bolt was named Car of the Year, the Honda Ridgeline won Truck of the Year and the Chrysler Pacifica took the honors as Utility of the Year. So with business as usual complete, the Detroit Show was anything but usual this year. Christopher Merlo tells the story, while Mark Dapoz provides the visuals.

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