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The Truth About NASCAR (Sunday morning)

What happened at Fontana in the Auto Club 400 Sunday is simple: Martin Truex Jr. won the pole. He won the first stage. He won the second stage. And much later, he won the race. That’s pretty much what you’re gonna get from most media, because that’s what the press notes say. Here at LACar, we try to do a little something extra. Like give you the story behind the obvious, fill you in on details that can only be seen firsthand, and generally make you go away saying, “Yeah, next year I gotta see that for myself.” Brian Kennedy reports.

Engineering Frenzy During Practice

There’s so much TV can’t show you. Or won’t. Like the bustle and hurry of the sessions in which cars are allowed to practice for a race. Saturday morning, it was an all-out thrash as NASCAR  teams, about one-third of whom did not get to post a qualifying time Friday, got ready for Sunday’s Auto Club 400. Practice is a thrash, a semi-coordinated chaos as teams try to get their cars better, then test the results on track. Brian Kennedy reports.

Engineering and Gossip at the Auto Club 400

NASCAR is part engineering marvel and part soap opera. Nowhere will this be more on display than in Fontana this weekend, if Friday’s qualifying day is any proof. What happened? See, got you interested already. Engineering and gossip, an odd but compelling combination that makes up NASCAR. See it for yourself at Fontana this weekend. Brian Kennedy reports.

20-20 HINDSIGHT in Retrospect: 20 Years of L.A. Cars

LA CAR REPORT—This compendium of short pieces was assigned to a number of our staff writers with the idea of them each taking a year back to LACar’s inception year of 1997 and coming up with the car that would have been the very best, most fun, most practicable, most probable, car to have been brought out in that year, for use in Los Angeles and its environs. Sly, subjective, subversive, and silly (with maybe a little hint of all four), here’s 20 years of cars written by our highly-tuned staff writers who were given 150 words each to reach back and talk about a good one for L.A.

from LA Car’s first two decades

LA CAR REPORT—LA Car Day with Jay Leno. The article that caused the President of Pasadena City College to change her campus-issued vehicle. The MPG Lifetime Achievement Award for our Editor. LACAR, the porn site? “This car got me laid.” Making the 6:00 p.m. network news on channels 2, 4 and 7. There are many memorable moments in LA Car’s first two decades. Here are ten of them.

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