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Windy City Adman by Bill Maloney

BOOK REVIEW—Windy City is the biography of one of the real characters of the wonderful world of car people—Bill Maloney. Here, he takes us on a thrill ride through his life as a salesman, huckster, tub-thumper, shill, benign charlatan, self-proclaimed radio and TV star, and a nuts-on, picture-perfect ad man in every aspect that the word implies. This is a personal, first-person-positive, often frenetic, minute-to-minute accounting of the working life of one colorful and cock-sure dude—an American ad-venture story told in jokes, boasts, and anecdotes.

When Detroit went to war

BOOK REVIEW—This is not really a book review. It is, however, a strong recommendation. Hardly in need of more glory from this writer or this site; this book has received not only great critical praise, but enjoyed incredibly strong sales as well. My note here is to encourage the last few serious students of American automotive history who have not yet read this one to put it on their summer reading list. – Doug Stokes

Reviewing Sam Posey’s new book

BOOK REVIEW—”I asked for this assignment—reviewing a collection of Sam Posey’s short writings: articles, broadcast intros, and profiles (that’s actually the sub-title of this remarkable book). I asked to review this book expecting full well that I would be both awed and cowed by the man’s writing. I was, of course.” Doug Stokes reviews “Where the Writer Meets the Road.”

Phil Remington Remembered by his Friends

BOOK REVIEW—The late Phil Remington was a legendary motorsports fabricator whose long career spanned some of the most glorious, interesting, and productive years of American racing. Put together by former Shelby employee Phil Henny, this book is a tribute written by people who worked with this remarkable man over the years, with names like Raul “Sonny” Balcaen, Bob Bondurant, Pete Brock, Ray Brock, Chuck Cantwell, Gordon Chance, Colin Comer, Dave Friedman, Dan Gurney, Gordon Kirby, Rick Kopec, Bill Krause, John Lamm, Frank Lance, Preston Lerner, John Morton, Ed Pink, Jean Stucki, Ted Sutton, and Linda Vaughn.

A photographic tour of the historic track, its legendary races and unforgettable drivers

BOOK REVIEW—Riverside International Raceway and Pete Lyons. I simply cannot think of a better combination. As the above title and author information promise, the award-winning motorsports writer has turned his talent to weaving together the story that resides in an incredible array of photos using his unique writing style and personal perspective. In this beautiful book, Pete takes his readers on an eye-witness tour though three decades of the wide world of motorized competition that took place at the iconic Riverside International Raceway.

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