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100 Years of Building the Future

BOOK REVIEW—“If you’ve read my previous articles for LACar, you know that I’m a self-professed Chevy guy. So when I got the assignment to write a review on a book celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Chevy trucks, I was in GM heaven! The official title of the book is “Chevrolet Trucks 100 Years of Building The Future” by Larry Edsall, a former editor at AutoWeek magazine and also a contributor to several other automotive publications.” LACar’s resident Chevy truck aficionado Tom Gomez reviews the book.

SHELBY AMERICAN Up Close And Behind The Scenes 1962 – 1965 The Venice Years

Just when we thought there could not ever possibly be another original fleeting thought on the subject … Here comes a whole new set of images that are an authentic and honest photo-chronicle of the days and deeds of the Venice Crew … Long -time, full-time, card-carrying, all-in, Shelby insider, Dave Friedman was there, took the pictures and here reminisces about them.
Hey, pull up a bench, crack open a cold one …

Máquinas del Tiempo
“Cuba Cars: Classic Cars of the Carribean”

BOOK REVIEW – In their book “Cuba Cars: Classic Cars of the Caribbean,” authors Harri Morick and Rainer Floer don’t try to give an exhaustive overview of the politics of Cuba, nor in their words does it “pretend to be a reference book on automotive engineering.” The writers do a fine job of helping us understand the lengths everyday Cubans will go to in order to keeping their vintage treasures alive – including MacGuyver-level Hyundai engine-swaps into Tri-Five Chevys. They also point out interesting and historically relevant landmarks throughout the island.

Brick City
“How to Build Brick Cars” by Peter Blackert

BOOK REVIEW– If you’re a gear head and a block head, then this is the book for you. Blackert packs in over a dozen unique builds with three intervals of difficulty – Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each build comes with an informative overview of the historical significance of the car, a list of all the Lego pieces you will need (including part number), and step-by-step instructions to make it all come together.

The film, The friendship, The facts

BOOK REVIEW—More a wonderful extended diary than a hardcore racing book, this one is all about the sort of kinship that motorsports once enjoyed. A movie actor picked to play a part in a film about racing simply because he looked like a racing driver to the producer, who comes under the spell of motor racing. Some forty-five years after the film debuted, Siegfried Rauch, the dashing, recruiting-poster handsome-Teutonic actor, (here with the help of writer Hans Hamer) relates a string of personal stories that seem to have happened only weeks ago… hang on while Doug Stokes takes us on a fast lap of Le Sarthe.

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