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Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years

BOOK REVIEW—50? Fifty Years? Have these wonderful, wild-assed, wizard cars called LAM-BORE-HEE-KNEES really been around and among us for FIFTY years now? Yup—and every variation of every model of this now half-century old marque is on display in “Lamborghini Super Cars 50 Years” 200+ pages of informative copy and featuring a superb collection of dazzling photos (taken from about every imaginable angle and perfectly in line with the totally bedazzling nature of the Supercar biz) of all of the variations that serve benchmark 50 years of the bullish breed.

A high-speed adventure of mechanics, teamwork and friendship

BOOK REVIEW—When I got the email asking if LA Car would like to review a kid’s book about a mouse, a bird, and a frog building an automobile, all I had to do was take one look at one of the sample pages to instantly email back my one-word answer, “Sure!” And, if we were doing one-word book reviews, “How To Build A Car” would be: Charming! Here’s why: This little book, aimed at the six year and over crowd is just plain fun, the writing is bright and playful, it has illustrations to fall into and the payoff is that the protagonist Eli (“the dreamer”) is much more than that.

To Do Before They Die

BOOK REVIEW— FIRST: The 101st recommendation is to get your hands on this brisk and upbeat list of essential automotive adventures. SECOND: Don’t even THINK about dying before you do author Jason Fogelson’s 100 recommendations. This is a collection of essential car nut destinations, distractions, and other pretty damn delightful places to see and (much) more importantly, to participate in. Doug Stokes reviews.

Steve McQueen, Anime Style

BOOK REVIEW—He’s an icon, a sex symbol, an idol, a movie producer, a rags-to-riches personal success story, a great racing talent on motorcycles and in cars, and one of Hollywood’s most-revered stars of all time. And now a his life has been neatly condensed into an 87-page “graphic novel” that’s the printed and paginated monochrome version of what I think one must see when their life flashes before their eyes just before the final checkered flag (or however you want to euphemize death) is waved.

Celebrities, Studios, Speedways, and Scoundrels

Windy City Adman by Bill Maloney

BOOK REVIEW—Windy City is the biography of one of the real characters of the wonderful world of car people—Bill Maloney. Here, he takes us on a thrill ride through his life as a salesman, huckster, tub-thumper, shill, benign charlatan, self-proclaimed radio and TV star, and a nuts-on, picture-perfect ad man in every aspect that the word implies. This is a personal, first-person-positive, often frenetic, minute-to-minute accounting of the working life of one colorful and cock-sure dude—an American ad-venture story told in jokes, boasts, and anecdotes.

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