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But, as you’ll find out in “Memories”, when he was asked to sing before the ’72 race by Tony Hulman, Nabors thought that it would be doing the Star Spangled Banner. Hulman instead asked him to so sing “Back Home…” and he did, with the lyrics hastily scribbled on hand. Only the playing of “Taps” ever wet more eyes on race day.

When Over The Top Is Just The Starting Point

There are books about Porsches, lots of them, I even have a few of them myself even though (luckily) I’m not a Porscheholic. Otherwise I would have to grind this book up in a Cusinart, soak it in some sort of Teutonic solvent like Schnapps, and mainline it like a skid row junkie. This book is all about a small company that takes Porsche AG’s most iconic model (the timeless 911) and then reimagines the spirit of this air-cooled classic.

Steering with Your Knees: Life Lessons & Cars

BOOK REVIEW – About six pages into this book, this reviewer felt an abiding, over-arching, almost un-controllable urge to cleverly rewrite the lyrics to the Rogers and Hammerstein classic: “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” from “The Sound of Music”. I’m here to report that I’ve so far resisted that (what must be a rather horrifying thought for anyone reading this far) and will simply quote the last line of the song here: “…How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?” How, indeed?

How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans

Ford’s GT40 is hardly without its chroniclers. Any racing vehicle this iconic, this successful, this recognizable, all but demands multiple views from a wide range of angles; and this beautiful new book, “FORD GT” for short, is surely one of the best of them. Here, the talented teaming of Preston Lerner (words) and Dave Friedman (photos and first person recollections) have joined forces to delve deeply into the saga of Ford’s most famous racing car. Doug Stokes reviews the book.

Sandro Martini’s TRACKS – Racing the Sun

tracks jpg

BOOK REVIEW—Sandro Martini’s work is for the hard core racing fan. Exciting descriptions of the races takes you back eighty years to the desert of Libya for the Tripoli Grand Prix, to AVUS and Montecarlo, the Nurburgring, Monza and long gone circuits such as Pescara, San Remo and the Targa Florio to feel the roar of the mighty Mercedes and the 16-cylinders of the Auto Unions. Review by Hector Cademartori.

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