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Book Review: “Porsche 959″
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Porsche 959, by Jürgen Lewandowski

BOOK REVIEW: This handsome three-volume set by author Jürgen Lewandowski documents the development of the legendary 959 from concept to production in fascinating detail. The eyewitness accounts from the team members who gave birth to the 959 are augmented by beautiful large-format photos of the 959. Lewandowski takes us through the 959’s evolution from the C92 aerodynamic model (replete with engineer’s notes) to the Frankfurt Auto Show prototype to the production models.

STROKER – The Artistic Works of Tom Medley

ByMedley5 copy

Stroker McGurk, the cartoon character who drag raced through the pages of Hot Rod Magazine beginning in issue #2 in 1948, is the speed-crazed, wise-cracking namesake of this amazing and beautiful archive of the drawings of his creator (and who most think was his alter-ego) Tom Medley. Medley’s talent with pen, paper, paintbrush, camera and his kind and enthusiastic editorial work made a significant and lasting contribution to the success of Hot Rod Magazine and the movement in general … Here’s some of the best of his work, his legacy.

Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding

Many of those who are steeped in the knowledge of fast cars from the post-war west coast (and primarily the LA area) probably would want to rewrite this book’s title as: “Ed Iskenderian IS the History of Hot Rod”. And they’d be very, very close. Doug Stokes reports.

Cavallino Rampante: 70 Anni!

BOOK REVIEW— “I had to keep remembering that we’re only talking about the 70 years (less than a quarter heartbeat in the big timeline of humans on earth) that Ferraris have roamed the earth … a fact that almost amazes me based on the layers of lore and legend of this fabled marque.” Editor Doug Stokes review Dennis Adler’s “Ferrari 70 Years”.

The Vaunted American V-8 and the Dawn of the Muscle Car Age

Here, LA Car contributor Steve Ford, the REAL “Car Guy” (he owns the trademark), starts off on a rather low note by asking the reader: ” How much excitement can there be in reviewing a book that’s perhaps only incrementally less compelling than reading an excellent factory shop manual?” How much indeed! As it turns out the book (and Steve’s evaluation of it) is what gearheads call, “nuts on…” meaning full of good information that has fun exploring the roots of horsepower in one of the great engine eras of out time.

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