LA CAR began in 1997 as an online magazine about the LA car culture and has since then evolved into an automotive journal serving the greater LA area. While it remains deeply rooted in this motor city, LA Car’s reports, reviews, and essays appear in the Huffington Post affiliate; Patch, Yahoo News, and other media sources that reach an audience far beyond Los Angeles.

Our body of work includes automotive product reviews, an automotive event calendar, directories, consumer tips, information on car laws, and articles on car design, car performance, automotive history, the new hot rod culture, and other items of interest to Angelinos with or without an enthusiasm for cars.

As a commercial entity, we’ve managed to integrate our advertising sponsors in a manner that doesn’t overbear on our publication or partners (e.g., no pop-ups). In addition to the work published on its site, LA Car can supply a steady stream of writings to its partners. It also maintains a comprehensive digital photo library.

The views expressed in this publication reflect the opinions of the author(s), and not necessarily those of the entire publication staff or the agencies they work for. LA CAR makes no expressed or implied warranty on the performance of any products or modifications described in this publication.

LACar Management

Glenn Oyoung

is a marketer, entrepreneur, and consultant based in Los Angeles. Glenn’s lifelong passion for cars is rooted in playing with Hot Wheels, and has manifested itself in his career. He’s the former marketing director of American Racing, founder of design and merchandise firm turn3 Creative, and author of a ‘vehicular alphabet book’ titled “C is for Car.”

John-Fredrik Wright

is an entrepreneur and business developer. His experience in the automotive industry starts with a summer job working as a host at Volkswagen’s premier showroom in Stockholm, Sweden and has since then grown to include working as a driving instructor at an advanced driving academy and reviewing vehicles across two continents.

Roy Nakano
Senior Editor of LACar

gave birth to LACar in 1997, having previously delivered LA Audio File a decade earlier. Aside from the occasional review, Roy likes to stray off the beaten automotive path (“Best Cars to Drive in Rush Hour Traffic”, “In Search of the First Datsun 510 Tuner”). Look for his upcoming articles on the homeless on wheels and the role of the car in civil rights history.

Doug Stokes

has been involved in the automotive world for as long as anyone can remember. Racing and P.R. seem to be the cornerstones of his automotive career, but Doug’s name pops up anywhere there are vehicles involved. Doug received the Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Jim Chapman Award in 2005 and the Motor Press Guild Dean Batchelor Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.




LACar Contributors

LACar would be nothing without our team of contributors:


Name Title Contact
Doug Stokes Editor-in-Chief
Zoran Segina Senior Contributing Editor
John Grafman Senior Contributing Editor
Reed Berry Senior Contributing Editor
Brian Kennedy Senior Contributing Editor
Chuck Dapoz Senior Contributing Editor
Harold Osmer Senior Contributing Editor
Sean Spear Contributing Editor
Harvey Schwartz Contributing Editor
Bill Wright Contributing Editor
Hector Cademartori Contributing Editor
Kenneth Chiu Contributing Editor
Mark Dorman Contributing Editor
Mark Dapoz Contributing Editor
Christopher Merlo Contributing Editor
Mirinda Osmer Contributing Editor
Dave Wolin Contributing Editor
Gabriela Moya Media Contributor
Myles Regan Media Contributor
Albert J Wong Media Contributor
Bobby Holland Media Contributor
Tyrone Rodriguez Media Contributor
Robert Shoji Media Contributor
Tori Reid Media Contributor
Gary Summers Media Contributor