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Published on Sun, May 29, 2005

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


Starting with their CTS model, Cadillac has begun offering XM NavTraffic: The nation's first real-time satellite traffic information service for vehicle navigation systems. First available on the CTS, the XM NavTraffic system provides continuously updated traffic information for a selected city. The system comes standard in cars equipped with the DVD navigation feature. This new technology, offered exclusively by XM Satellite Radio, is fully integrated with the vehicle's on-board GPS navigation system to display current information about traffic incidents and average traffic speed along specific roadways. A driver can enter a destination into the navigation system, and then, aided by a color-coded display, obtain instant traffic data on the preferred route. You can see how fast traffic is moving on your route, see on-screen symbols that identify accidents, construction zones, road congestion, bad visibility, narrow roads, and closed roads.

While driving along a planned route, your CTS navigation system with XM NavTraffic will display traffic events that directly impact your course. A chime will sound through the vehicle's speakers when an 'approaching event alert' screen appears on the map. This screen provides information on the location and type of traffic event that is ahead. To detour around the traffic event, just touch the button on the upper right hand portion of the screen next to the 'alternate route' icon. A detour around the closest traffic event will be automatically calculated. Purchasers of a Cadillac CTS equipped with the optional DVD navigation system will receive the first three months of XM Satellite Radio and the XM NavTraffic service free. Following the trial period, drivers can subscribe to XM Satellite Radio or the XM NavTraffic service for just $9.99 per month. You can subscribe to both for only $16.94 per month. This system is a must for daily commuters who have to get to work on time, during a long drive on your vacation, and for traveling salespeople or other drivers who put many miles on their vehicle everyday. If you want a test drive of this new and exciting technology, just go down to your local Cadillac dealer. © 2005 Harvey Schwartz

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