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Published on Sat, Aug 26, 2006

By: The LACar Editorial Staff



Confidence is one thing O'Gara Coach Company doesn't lack. Case in point: O'Gara is throwing a little soiree for several hundred select guests at the Petersen Automotive Museum in honor of the new Rolls Royce. So you might ask, what is so odd about a Rolls Royce dealer inviting guest to an unveiling of a new product? Typically, nothing at all. In this case however Rolls Royce hasn't actually committed to bringing its new 101EX concept into production.

© photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

Does O'Gara know something we don't? Maybe, maybe not. Even if the company shares no more insight than us, the 101EX appears to have a destiny with buyers - judging by some of what I see here.

© photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

Waiting until buyers commit before going into full production creates less anxiety for car company executives, especially when the number of truly potential buyers is so very small indeed. While no price on the theoretical production car is mentioned, one can safely guess it will be less than the astronomically expensive Phantom. This can serve to take a bite out of the Bentley market share.

The second floor Grand Salon is ideally suited to presenting the delectable 101EX to the lucky few here tonight. Being situated amongst iconic cars in the museum's collection only further emphasizes just what place an auto of this magnitude occupies in the hierarchy of modern automobiles. In order to drive the nail on home, the entire room is awash in trappings of a simply decadent lifestyle.

© photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

Inside and out, displays are set up to re-enforce what even those without the means surely must comprehend: Life offers incredible treats if you can swallow the bill. On hand tonight is an array of beverages, from bubbly Taittinger Champagne, smooth Grey Goose Vodka, to crystal clear Fiji water, ensuring no guest will have any troubles digesting the evening.

Harry Winston jewelry provides spectacularly delicious treats to wear around the neck, as well as other jewels to accentuate even the most jaded. Accompanying those beautiful pieces behind glass cases are fine timepieces by Blancpain. As most are well aware of, time is money. Having the right timepiece shows the owner has an eye for style and function.

Aft of the talented pianist on a Shigeru Kawai Piano are several displays including fractionally owned jets of MarquisJet. It's part of the enormous NetJets fleet, for those who have a desire to save time and the hassle of commercial jet travel.

Tim O'Hara - O'Gara Coach (on left) © photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

For the privileged that enjoy a slower pace, Residential Cruise Line is providing details on The Magellan - the most luxurious residential cruise ship ever conceived. Boasting more than 76,000 tons, Magellan is 60 percent larger than any other residential cruise ship. Just a few hundred fortunate buyers will have condominiums at their disposal onboard the ultimate 860-foot cruise ship traversing the globe.

© photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

Taking a stroll to the outer patio of the Petersen yields a bevy of vendors that round out what every person of means requires. The Shave of Beverly Hills takes life's more mundane male tasks and turns them into a pleasure. Even the simple art of shoe shining (as provided by John, their in-house shoe shiner) can be a moment to reflect in all that is good in the world, or at least take heart that ones shoes gleam. The entity's location provides far more than their name suggests. Marnie Lerner, Executive Director of The Shave, is very convincing in suggesting Angelinos explore their facility, or at the very least their web site.

© photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

Callaway is well known for its near magical golf clubs, and it too is here convincing us a nice bag or two will fit oh so nicely in the trunk of a new Rolls, or nearly any other car for that matter. While the patio doesn't provide a green, the problem is easily resolved with Holiday Golf Indoor Simulator by Virtual Golf Sales, which allows guests to test their swing right at the party.

© photo by Bryan Beasley Photography

A little more portable than a bag of golf clubs are the irresistible cigars generously made available to the guests by Carry On Communications, Inc. and Club Macanudo. It really doesn't require a fancy trick to put a smile on the face of those here at he Petersen, just stick a cigar in their pocket. This is really a convenient attitude adjuster if ever there is one. Break one out as needed. Carry On did it right with such well-known names as Cohiba, Punch, Macanudo & Partagas, compliments of Club Macanudo. When people complain about the smoke filled skies in L.A., they are not definitely referring to these special treats.

Bradford Rand - Rand Luxury

Sprinkled all over the event are many other exciting companies showcasing merchandise and services that fit in perfect with the image Rolls Royce has so carefully crafted over the years. I am more than slightly aware of the incredible offerings from SeaNet (as they have the Sunseeker speed boat from the latest James Bond film at the entry to the museum) , to unbelievable sports & entertainment memorabilia from Grandstand Sports. It isn't an accident that these companies are here for this remarkable night though, it comes about due to the event coordinator extraordinaire Bradford Rand of Rand International. While the company is based in New York, Bradford still pulls off an outstanding event clear across the country. This guy is good!

O'Gara does indeed have a lot of confidence to invest in such an undertaking at the Petersen Museum. Surrounded by fantastic people and products that are the pinnacle of their industries certainly gives a sense of optimism to the event. It is obvious that O'Gara can make the commitment to getting those attending stimulated, now can Rolls make the bigger commitment to actually building the 101EX?

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