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Moto X Best Whips at the X Games

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Published on Wed, Sep 18, 2013

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Moto X best whips at the 2013 X Games (Grafman)

Story and pictures by John Grafman The Staples Center is the playground for many sporting events throughout the year, and most notably it’s the home for the L.A. Lakers. As such, it’s hard to imagine every square inch of the floor covered in dirt and mounds that are about 20 feet high. But, for the spectators at the Moto X Best Whips contest it doesn’t require any imagination at all, just a limber neck. The death defying action happens as the motorcycling riding competitors are flying high overhead. So,it’s not surprising that neck strain from those of us watching becomes a potential hazard. But, for hardcore fans this is well worth the added expense of keeping a chiropractor on retainer! This event is special in that the judging of this is fan-based via text messaging. No bribing the judges here. Also, there’s no preliminary heat. It’s just a no-holds barred, give it all you got,final event, complete with a six rider, six-minute jam to determine who comes out on top. This contest would make the late Evil Knievel blush with what this generation is able to pull off. Not only do these riders hurl 350-pound bikes into the stratosphere of the Staples Center and land in one piece, they also perform what can best be described as acrobatics in the process. The bikes literally are whipping around in mid-air, as well as flip upside-down. Riders are able to control the action while performing all sorts of stunts, like releasing the hands, and feet, and reconnecting for a perfect landing. The sport is simply breathtaking. The grace and smoothness of this event only emphasizes just how talented the riders are. The danger factor on this is just shy of climbing Mount Everest. Josh Hansen is certainly the fan favorite taking the gold medal with nearly twice as many points in the voting as silver medalist Jeremy Stenberg.

You can\'t be afraid of heights in this sport (Grafman)

Moto X Best Whip — Final Scores 1. Josh Hansen, 42.00 (USA) 2. Jeremy Stenberg, 24.00 (USA) 3. Vicki Golden, 21.00 (USA) HEARTS LIKE A WHEEL - X Games Overview HEARTS LIKE A WHEEL - RallyCross at the X Games HEARTS LIKE A WHEEL - The Vertical Ramp at the X Games HEARTS LIKE A WHEEL - Men’s street skating at the X Games HEARTS LIKE A WHEEL - BMX at the X Games

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