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Published on Fri, Aug 8, 2008

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

AUTOMOLOVE CAR CULTURE WITH A KINK By Reed Berry Some things just naturally go together. Bacon and eggs, Bonnie and get the idea. Another great combination is that of beautiful people and sleek, sexy cars. Such is the concept behind AUTOMOLOVE: Car Culture with a Kink at the Antebellum Gallery, a small fetish gallery in Hollywood.

The exhibit of automotive-themed art, running from August 2 through September 6, 2008, features works by gallery owner Rick Castro, as well as artists Steve Diet Goedde, Carlos Batts, Kup Kake, and Chainsaw Chuck (I'm glad he's an artist and not a surgeon), just to name a few. Almost as intriguing as the names of the artists are the names of some of the works on display, such as 'Beautiful Disaster', 'Yolanda in the Trunk', 'Suicide Doors', 'Bondage Bike Boy' and 'Cheerleader from Good Ol' F.U.'

Another artist represented at this unique showing is Brett Barris, son of the legendary George Barris, the "King of Kustomizers". Some of Brett's eye-catching photos, including 'Man in Chains', are on display, along with several from the Barris archives that capture the beauty of cars and women from decades past. In the interest of keeping this article family-friendly, some of the art on display will not be shown here but can be seen with your own eyes when you visit the gallery. It appears as though the models in some of the featured photo art slipped out of their clothes before slipping into the cars.

Some of the featured artists are on hand for tonight's opening reception. As I step outside of the gallery, the parking lot is rockin' with live entertainment and, of course, what would an automotive-themed exhibit be without some cool, sexy cars? Sure, by the time you visit the gallery the opening reception will be just a memory. The band will have gone home and the cool cars will have driven away. The talents of these artists, however, will be yours to enjoy for the run of the exhibit. Antebellum Gallery is located at 1643 North Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood.

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