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Published on Sat, Jul 26, 2008

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

BULLRUN By John Grafman Looking at the Bullrun you might get the impression it's loaded with a bunch of overpaid and underperforming CEOs, or spoiled kids living off their family fortunes. Right or wrong, it makes no difference because the real point is the rest of us will gladly donate some vital body part to be counted in on the fun. How shallow are we? If this sliver of the rally that's stopping over in Hollywood is any indication of the total event, I think having a back-up liver standing at the ready for a transplant at the conclusion is a wise idea. The lights, booze, women, and glitz provide a backdrop to the on-road entertainment. After all, it is hard to top the thrill of blasting along from the land of Molson Golden and where hockey is a way of life down to the southwestern desert of America in all forms of gas sucking cars.

Decadent? Of course. Years from now, we just might be reminiscing about how life used to be, and pity those who opted not to take the chance to share the lime light on the Bullrun marathon that pushes man and machine on an endurance run that requires a day of hard driving from one destination to the next, and then over and over again until the final stop. If motoring across country isn't the entrants bag, have no fear. Each stopover is complete with a party that challenges those to continue pushing the limits with drinking and dancing until even the energizer bunny is depleted. The cast of characters at the party hosted by 944 magazine ranges from the charismatic Carsten Preisz and the charming Rona Cortez from Spyker Cars, to the statuesque show host and rally driver Ashley Van Dyke. Also sucking up the good life are Victor Carrillo (ID Agency) and his crew, and Vinny Russo (Spyker Cars), Race driver extraordinaire Tommy Kendall, Dallas Tanner and Celeste Andrews from Destination X, as well as plenty of the Hollywood crowd complete with fun-loving girls.

While some of those that attending might not be well known outside of certain circles, certainly the cars that are decked out in sponsors' logos alongside Sunset Boulevard should be more than familiar. In no particular order are several Ferraris 430s, Porsche, Lamborghini, multiple Spyker C8s, A '65 Cobra, and assorted speed machines. The parking area for the event includes the requisite Porsche and Benz, and the Z06 Corvette sponsored by Spring Mountain Ranch (piloted by Van Dyke), a Shelby Mustang, and one rather pink Cadillac convertible complete with bullhorns. Emblazoned on the flanks and hoods of the cars are sponsors who know a good opportunity when they see it. The short list includes CEC Wheels, West Coast Customs, Hot Wheels, Jagermeister, Novitec Rosso, Carol Shelby Children's Foundation and Alpine. Other sponsors also include the likes of Jose Cuervo Platino, The Sunset, and Celebrity Motor Club. The mix of good people and participants are why the Bullrun continues year after year while other rallies are left in the dust. So why do the participants shell out good money to go through the risk of speeding tickets, hangovers, and perhaps a few less than flattering photos? They do it for the same reasons all great human endeavors are undertaken. They do it because they can.

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