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Published on Wed, Nov 12, 2008

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Josh Tickell

FUEL By Reed Berry Connections between the auto industry, the oil industry, and the government are exposed in FUEL, an eye opening new film from director Josh Tickell. The film examines America's addiction to oil and explores alternative energies such as solar, wind, electricity and biofuels. In FUEL, Josh Tickell hits the road in his 'Veggie Van' to discover the pros and cons of biofuels. What is the Veggie Van, you ask? It is a diesel Winnebago fueled by used cooking oil from fast food restaurants. In 1997, Tickell set out on a cross-country journey to spread the word about this alternative fuel known as biodiesel. An important new film like FUEL deserves a star-studded premiere. VIPs for today's event in Westwood, California, are arriving in alternative fuel vehicles. Director Josh Tickell and celebrity guests aren't seeing red at this premiere - they are walking the green carpet. Among the invited guests are actor Peter Fonda, Ian Somerhalder from 'Lost', and California's Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi.

The Veggie Van The positive reaction from the capacity crowd watching the film speaks for itself. The film is intelligently written and very interesting. And, while the movie has humorous moments as well, the subject matter of this outstanding documentary is not to be taken lightly. Clean energy sources will benefit us now and will help create a healthier environment for future generations. In the last eleven years, not only has Tickell stockpiled enough video to create this fascinating film, he has lectured around the world and authored two books. Needless to say, the Veggie Van attracts much attention. Not just because of the message it takes to the streets, but because the exhaust coming from this colorful vehicle smells like French fries. Tickell has an extensive list of interviews including The Today Show, The Discovery Channel, and Smithsonian Magazine, just to name a few. Tickell has also been an interview guest on 'Traffic Jam', a driving issue oriented radio program in Los Angeles co-hosted by yours truly. Tickell's non-profit Veggie Van Organization educates the public about sustainable energy and how to integrate it into their lives.

Josh Tickell and John Garamendi FUEL has already received a number of awards at various film festivals across America, including the Best Documentary Audience Award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. For more information:

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