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The cars preferred by new college graduates

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Published on Mon, May 22, 2017

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


Recent University of New Haven graduate Mirinda Osmer tries on the Volkswagen Beetle Dune Convertible (Harold Osmer)

By Amanda Molitor, Guest Writer ([email protected]) It’s that time of year again, college graduation. Many upcoming graduates will begin their transition from student life to the real world, starting new jobs and moving into their first homes. They are also switching out their pre-grad cars into new vehicles that represent their post-grad independence. Take a look at the top cars grads are getting rid of and the top cars they are getting after they graduate, according to transfer trends on Top 5 Cars Students are Getting Out of as They Graduate: 1. Toyota Camry 2. Ford Fusion 3. Nissan LEAF 4. Toyota Prius 5. Ford Edge Top 5 Cars Recent Graduates are Getting into After They Graduate: 1. BMW 4 Series 2. Dodge Charger 3. Audi A5 4. Ford F-150 5. Lexus IS 250 Not everyone is lucky enough to be graduating this year. There are plenty of college students who are still working hard toward the shared goal of receiving their diploma. But not all college campuses are the same when it comes to the cars students drive. The University of Michigan has the most domestic-made vehicles, followed by Rutgers University and Northwestern University. Conversely, North Carolina State University and Louisiana State University are tied for having the most foreign-made vehicles on their campus. Louisiana State University also has the highest average monthly payment out of all other schools considered as opposed to Ohio State University which has the lowest average monthly payment. Here are some other interesting stats on trends spotted on specific college campuses across the country: Los Angeles, CA (UCLA) • BMW is the most popular car brand • The 73% of cars leases being exchanged are foreign vehicles • The average monthly payment for vehicles in the Los Angeles area is $453 Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan) • Most leases from Ann Arbor are being traded to Florida • Dodge Charger is the most popular car • The average monthly payment for vehicles from Ann Arbor is $467 Austin, TX (University of Texas at Austin) • Most lease transfers from Austin go to Dallas • The most popular vehicle is the BMW 4 Series • The average monthly payment for vehicles from Austin is $576 Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina State University) • Most lease transfers from the Raleigh-Durham area are transferred to Florida • The BMW 4 series is the most popular vehicle from the Raleigh-Durham area • The average monthly payment for vehicles from the Raleigh-Durham area is $414 Columbus, OH (Ohio State University) • Most lease transfers stay within Ohio. • Toyota is the most popular car brand within Columbus. • The average monthly payment for vehicles from Columbus is $317 Phoenix, AZ (Arizona State University) • The most popular vehicle in Phoenix is the Chevy Camaro. • The average monthly payment for vehicles in Phoenix is $518 Miami, FL (University of Miami) • Most lease transfers from Miami go to New York. • 90% of the vehicles listed in Miami on are foreign-made cars • The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the most popular car • The average monthly payment for a vehicle in Miami is $606 As graduates move on to the next chapter of their lives, they will undoubtable never forget their time spent with the college rides that took them to class, tailgates and toga parties but their new wheels will help them navigate life after college and beyond. Scot Hall is Executive Vice President of, the nation’s largest online lease marketplace. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer in facilitating lease transfers online. More specifically matches individuals who want to get out of their lease with people who are looking for short-term lease agreements. Prospective buyers can search the listings for the exact vehicle they want, and then register for a nominal fee, allowing them to use’s safe online system to contact the prospective seller and close the deal. For more information visit

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