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Published on Mon, Apr 11, 2011

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


(Garry Hill)

Fresh off the anniversary of Clyde Barrow’s infamous recommendation of V8 Fords as getaway cars, Reuters reports that the government has just released statistics showing that bank robberies in the United States take place most often in mid-morning, on Fridays and in southern and western states. Robbers stole slightly more than $43 million last year nationwide in 5,546 robberies of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, according to the just-released FBI data.

The Dodge Challenger from "Vanishing Point" (20th Century Fox)

“The South led the way with 1,790 bank robberies, followed by the West with 1,691,” reports Ellen Wulfhorst of Reuters. “California had the most robberies at 805, followed by Texas with 464. North Dakota, where there were two bank robberies, had the least.” Overall, there were 5,628 reported bank crimes—the 5,546 robberies along with 74 burglaries, eight larcenies and 13 extortions of financial institutions, reports Wulfhorst. According to the FBI, that marked a decrease from 2009, when there were 6,065 such crimes reported. “The FBI does not speculate on why such a decrease occurred,” said spokeswoman Denise Ballew.

Bullitt—America's favorite car chase movie (Warner Bros-Seven Arts)

“Most robberies took place at bank counters and involved notes demanding money and threats of weapons,” said Wulfhorst. “Nearly all of the $43 million haul was cash, and about $8 million was later recovered, the FBI said.”

The most spectacular of the "Transporter" getaway cars: The Audi A8 W12 from "Transporter 2" (20th Century Fox)


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