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Published on Thu, Jul 14, 2011

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


SPECIALTY CAR CRAFT’S TRACK DAY AT BIG WILLOW Words by Ashley van Dyke Pictures by DirkAP Anyone who has taken part in a track day at Willow Springs International Motorsports Park in July knows that the word ‘heat’ is an understatement. With dust blowing at you and the wind feeling like a hair dryer, the shade doesn’t provide any comfort. There is really no place to seek relief—except in your car and on the track. Fortunately, that’s exactly what I’m here to do.


Specialty Car Craft organized the event and invited out their high profile clients with an impressive range of street cars. Among the herd: A Lamborghini Murciélago, a Ferrari 458, a Nissan GT-R, an Ariel Atom, and around 40 more gunfighters—all there to push the limits in the sweltering heat on the Big Willow course. Seeing this array of exotic car owners pushing the limits of these babies out on course is pretty dazzling.


I brought my old girlfriend, a 2004 Nissan 350Z Nismo, which is one of ten factory Nismo cars built by Nissan specifically for driving on the track. My first date with this car was back in 2007 on the Joyride Rally that left the Santa Monica pier and ended in New Orleans. This ride is set up with a suspension just right for the big track at Willow Springs—especially running with open exhausts. Kudos to Universal City Nissan and Sage Motor Company for always being there to provide rides as good as the Z at track days and events.


And special thanks to Specialty Car Craft and their sponsors for getting together a fun group of cars and drivers. For more information on Specialty Car Craft, visit



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