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MoceanLab to Help Deliver Care to L.A.’s Homeless Residents

Published on Mon, Aug 10, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

MoceanLab, a new mobility laboratory created by the Hyundai Motor Group, has launched exclusively for Los Angeles.

MoceanLab, a new L.A.-based mobility laboratory looks to reach Los Angeles’ unsheltered homeless population. The laboratory was developed by Hyundai Motor Group and is launching a program to help the USC Keck School of Medicine’s Street Medicine Team deliver care to these at-risk residents.

MoceanLab is providing low-emission hybrid vehicles to the Street Medicine Team as they travel to serve homeless residents wherever they reside. The effort is part of the company’s commitment to create innovative mobility solutions that benefit residents, neighborhoods and communities throughout LA.

“All of us at MoceanLab are inspired by the selfless, heroic work of USC’s Street Medicine Team in caring for a population that faces unique challenges and is too often left behind,” said MoceanLab Vice President Dave Gallon. “Through collaborations with top-quality institutions like USC and others, we can deliver on our mission of improving the quality of life for Angelenos of all backgrounds.”

The USC Keck School’s Street Medicine Team embraces a philosophy of “radical humility” in what they do. The Street Medicine Team provides a full spectrum of services to homeless Angelenos, all at no cost. They include treatment for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, dispensing medications, obtaining blood work, delivering drug and alcohol counseling and basic mental health services, and providing basic survival supplies.

Hyundai Motor Group provides mobility support to the homeless residents of Los Angeles with MoceanLab.
Hyundai Motor Group provides mobility support to the homeless residents of Los Angeles with MoceanLab.

“L.A.’s large unhoused population faces a disproportionate burden of chronic and acute health challenges, particularly during the coronavirus outbreak, but often have few options for high-quality and compassionate care,” said Brett Feldman, USC’s Director of Street Medicine and Vice Chair of the Street Medicine Institute. “Our motto on the Street Medicine Team is, ‘Go to the people.’ Our collaboration with Mocean Carshare will help us improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of these vulnerable men and women directly in the environments where they are most comfortable.”

MoceanLab was launched uniquely for Los Angeles – one of the world’s most dynamic, diverse and transportation-challenged cities – to develop equitable, environmentally sustainable new ways to move around safely and efficiently. As a laboratory for innovation, MoceanLab embraces a wide range of partners and collaborators to create forward-leaning mobility solutions. MoceanLab is backed by the global resources and expertise of its parent, the Hyundai Motor Group.

“Addressing the challenge of chronic homelessness is an urgent priority in communities throughout Los Angeles, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic slowdown place new burdens on families and individuals,” said Aaron Gross, L.A.’s Chief Resilience Officer. “This collaboration with MoceanLab will expand the transformative power of USC’s Street Medicine Team and have a profound impact on residents in need who deserve this excellent, humane medical care.”

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