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Published on Tue, Jun 29, 2004

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


"What I gotta' do to get that brand new 300 up outta' you?"   Last month, LA rapper - and language innovator - Calvin Broadus, a.k.a. Snoop Dogg, left a voice message for Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler Group CEO, at DaimlerChrysler's Los Angeles business center.   "Yo, what up? This is big Snoop Dogg, trying to put these new legs down for this new 300C. What I gotta' do to get that brand new 300 up outta' you? Get back in contact with my nephew so you can make it happen, then it's official like a referee's whistle. If you want this car to blow, give it to me. This is Snoop Dogg. Preach!"

  At least that was the message according to the Detroit News, which offered this translation by Bushman, a DJ at Detroit hip-hop station WJLB-FM: "Hello, Dr. Zetsche. How are you? My name is Snoop Dogg, and I'm trying to get one of Chrysler's new 300C sedans. What would I have to do to get a 300C from you without paying? Please contact my manager so that we can try to come to an agreement on the 300C, and I could officially endorse the car for you. If you would like the 300C to get the attention it merits, you would be well served by giving me one. My name is Snoop Dogg. Peace be with you."   Jason Vines, Chrysler Group vice president of communications, hinted that a tie-in with Snoop Dog was possible, saying, "We are creating buzz, and you put it in the hands of the people who can give you exposure."

  Snoop Dogg clearly is a fan of the 300C.   We wonder whether Chrysler execs are equally enthralled with Snoop Dogg's music or his show on MTV, "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle."

- Chuck Dapoz


Looks like Chuck Dapoz's "300C, Doggy Style" (below) is getting a lot of buzz on (the Vortex, for the unenlightened, is the world's busiest automotive forum). The general consensus seems to be that DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche has to be crazy not to give Snoop Dogg a 300C or two. Evidently, the car has the potential to become the next Cadillac Escalade in the world of gangsta rappers. 

The significant of this, however, extends well beyond Central Los Angeles. If rap artists think the 300C is cool, so will a large number of the buying public. The irony of this was understood by Vortexer BGLuckMan: "What's funny is that Scion tried to build a car for the kidz, but ended up selling a lot to their parents. Chrysler tried to build a car for the parents, and created a hit among the kidz." 

Personally, I'd rather see a whole lot of Chrysler 300Cs on the road than what we have now, which is an over-abundance of Escalades. - Roy Nakano    

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